Shweiki Upgrades Advertising with Cinegif

In todays age of smartphones and tablets, digital media is not only expanding, but a constant flood of B2B apps are shifting trends in how businesses’ think about and apply traditional and new media. By 2015, the app development market alone is expected to grow to $100 billion in sales. With so many available options for change, perhaps a businesses’ most important decision is whether or not to embrace an innovative technology openly into it’s business model (just ask Blockbuster.) Shweiki Media is known for successfully pushing the envelope when it comes to integrating its products with the latest technologies. Technological progression has proved to be a positive strategy for Shweiki, as it has shown a history of generating growth thru the harnessing of innovative endeavors such as custom Facebook tabs and augmented reality, and reportedly has its sites set on employing gif generator Cinegif to upgrade its online advertising.

Why Cinegif?

Cinegif is an online application developed to build a regular still shot image or video clip into high quality, animated gif-like content. A user simply has to either go online or download the smartphone app, upload their media, and use the Cinegif motions tools to mutate the content into a customized gif animation. Once completed, the user can share the gif on all major social platforms (including vine) or implement it into online advertising and marketing efforts. Cinegif could potentially provide value for businesses’ such as Shweiki who thrive in customizable content. Any customizable content a business shares escalates its brand uniqueness, and Cinegif could serve as a cheap in-house brand catalyst as its ease of use, ease of sharing, and interest level brought (three dynamite features in piercing advertising saturation) serves as an asset. Early analysis supports this theory as Cinegif itself reports that 72% of users who’ve utilized animated gifs experience higher click through rates.


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