Ryan Dohrn: Creator of 360 Ad Sales, Media Revenue Consultant

Ryan Dohrn Media Revenue Consultant

Since 1994 Ryan has worked in the radio, TV and publishing space.  Ryan’s resume includes time in promotions and sales at The NY Times Company, Disney, Cumulus, Citadel Comm, Vance Publishing and Morris Publishing.  He has coached over 4,000 ad sales reps to date and speaks over 60 times per year. He currently serves as a Group Publisher for the PennWell Corporation, a global publisher of 45 business magazines and their related digital products and events.

 Ryan is a internationally acclaimed speaker, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com.

 Ryan has taught over 4,000 ad reps his simple and effective way to achieve ad sales success.  Ryan has media clients in Australia, Spain, UK, Holland and the USA.  Prior to joining the PennWell Corporation, Ryan was the CEO and founder of Brain Swell Media LLC, a corporate training and revenue strategy firm.


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