Stephanie Scheller: Sales Trainer, Coach, Sales & Goal Achievement of Eric Lofholm International

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Stephanie is a dynamic speaker with eleven years of public speaking experience including countless sales presentations, persuasive and informative speaking engagements and countless on-stage appearances before large audiences. She has appeared at a multitude of venues from Otterbein University in Westerville Ohio to the Paul Poag Theater in Del Rio Texas. In addition to her extensive public appearances, she has more than nine years of teaching experience under her belt and has been recognized by Hearst Media Services for excellence in sales and public speaking at company-wide events. She is passionate about sales and public speaking and pours that passion and enthusiasm into every presentation and training. Stephanie is an engaging speaker who uses both humor and stories to gently guide her points home. Her years of experience ensure that every opportunity is explored to its fullest and she loves helping others develop the same skill. She firmly believes in the power of encouragement and role-modeling and constantly works to encourage others to find and fulfill their fullest potential through self-improvement and daily education. Stephanie loves helping sales teams grow their revenue through teaching and coaching and is zealous about helping businesses of any size implement duplicable systems to increase their bottom line. She loves meeting new people and learning about their business and looks forward to the many opportunities on the horizon.


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