Revisiting LinkedIn Profile Optimization : A Shweiki Media Webinar

Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Kevin Knebl—in-demand speaker, author, and expert on relationship building, office networking, relationship building, LinkedIn, Twitter and more—to present a must-watch webinar on LinkedIn profile optimization.

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There’s no denying the power of first impressions, and even if one is the best person in the world at what they do, if their LinkedIn profile is anything less than credible and professional, they’re not likely to be taken seriously.


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  • Basic Tips for Professionalism: 
    • Feature a smiling photo
    • Use all header space
    • Customize the public profile URL
    • Add a LinkedIn link to one’s email signature


The Summary


screen shot 2014 02 28 at 6 28 43 am Revisiting LinkedIn Profile Optimization : A Shweiki Media Webinar


The summary provides space for up to 2,000 characters, meaning it’s not just valuable real estate, but a lot of it. It’s important to use as much of it as possible.

Most people don’t know that LinkedIn has search engine optimization functions built into its computer programs and algorithms. One should think about the top three to five keywords related to their expertise and the value that one delivers to their clients, and use those words repeatedly throughout one’s profile (including the summary) in a non-obvious fashion. This gives one the ability to essentially determine their own search ranking, purely through the strategic implementation of a few key words.


Experience serves one well, and it’s worth showcasing. It’s a wise decision to include everything that one has done since high school or college on one’s portfolio. Something that seems meaningless could end up being perceived as adding value to many potential clients and employers.

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