Shweiki-Sponsored Emancipet Fundraiser, Sit Stay Day, Featured By Software Advice’s Blog, The Able Altruist

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Shweiki is pleased to announce that Emancipet’s fundraiser Sit Stay Day–for which Shweiki served as a sponsor and provided all printing services–was recently featured by Software Advice‘s blog, The Able Altruist.

The fourth annual “non-event” involved the delivery of a Sit Stay Day kit (snacks, drinks and more) to supporters on Valentine’s Day, encouraging them to stay at home with their pets and allowing them to contribute to a good cause without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Proceeds went to support the mission of Emancipet: to make spay/neuter and preventive veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners.

On March 31st, The Able Altruist published an article spotlighting the nonprofit’s innovative idea–which raises $40,000 a year–and acknowledging the event for its uniqueness and success.

As pet lovers and promoters of animal welfare, the people at Shweiki are happy that organizations like Emancipet are getting the support and recognition that they deserve.

The article on Emancipet’s Sit Stay Day can be found here.

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