Free Perfect Bound Spine Width Calculator


Calculating the Spine Width of a Publication

The spine width of a magazine is the thickness of the publication. It is used when publishers wish to calculate how to size the text on the spine of a magazine. It is only necessary when publishers choose the perfect binding method of magazine binding.

Though there is a formula to calculate the spine width, Shweiki customers receive this calculation for their publications for free. The formula includes variables such as page count, page caliber (thickness of the paper, which ranges from .002 to .005), and even the glue, which adds to the spine width as well. Use the calculator below to determine the spine width of your publication, and find more information about binding here.

 Click to Launch The Calculator 

How it works:

  1. Choose “Gloss Text”, “Matte Text”, or “Uncoated Offset”
  2. Enter the number of inside pages excluding covers
    (i.e. If your magazine is a 32 + 4 page cover, only enter 32 pages)
  3. Select the paper weight to see the result
  4. Hit “Clear” to start over

And you have the spine width for your publication!

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