Expert Publishing Predictions For 2016

2016 Publishing Predictions

We are very excited about 2016 at Shweiki Media. The world of publishing is an ever evolving industry. Where is 2016 going to take us? We had to go to the experts to find out. Below, some of the best in the industry share their predictions for 2016.

Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine

Publishing Antinomy

2016 will be an antinomial year in magazine and magazine media publishing.  Digital will continue to thrive and print will continue to thrive too.  Those two facts go hand in hand and while some may see them as contradictory, in fact they are an antinomy. By the way, if you are looking for a definition of that, look no further than J.I. Packer who explained the word antinomy to an apparent incompatibility between two apparent truths; exists when a pair of principles stand side by side, seemingly irreconcilable, yet both undeniable.  At last the prophets of doom and gloom, together with other pontificators are now drying their alligator tears as they see their dear phrase “print is dead” buried under the ground.

Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.

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Linda RuthHigh-End Products

“In print, we’re going to see more “paper goodies”—publications that are beautiful, interactive, and surprising, which offer not just reading but doing. These high-priced products will offer experiences not available on the internet. Examples coming along today include adult coloring books, publications with worksheets and planners, and beautiful glossy publications with high-end production values. In digital we’re going to see more integration with both online and offline experiences—communities, events, gifts. We’re also likely to see more partnerships.”

Linda Ruth, CEO Publishing Management and Consulting

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12New Priorities

“2016 will be the year that publishers start treating digital like a priority activity rather than an also-­ran. As a result, there will be unique opportunities and challenges that “modern publishers” must navigate in terms of their approach to sales and production stemming from a need to evolve their company culture.”

Brian Ostrovsky, CEO Locable

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10Engage With Video

“In 2016, we can expect to see more live-streaming video. To date, there’s Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab – to name a few. I chose Blab as my platform of choice because I love the engagement that takes place there. I’ve been hosting a Marketing Blab since the Fall. In addition to the replays that are published on my Blab channel, I re-purpose them as YouTube videos. The folks at also give you a separate audio recording so, if you wanted to, you could re-purpose the content as a podcast. And that’s not all. Since most of my Marketing Blab sessions have been interviews with leading marketing authorities (i.e., Kim Garst, Bob Burg, Viveka von Rosen, Michelle Shaeffer), I extract highlights from a program and re-purpose them as posts on my blog. People want to connect and live-streaming video is a fabulous tool for bringing us together in a way that strengthens the KLT Factor (i.e., know, like and trust).”

Debra Jason, M.A. Professional Speaker, Author, Copywriting Services

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14Digital Challenges

“As an industry, I see the continuation of an unsettled and anxious mood. Prevailing concerns, in discussions and for consideration at least, will continue to revolve around print and digital: how much time, effort and money to devote to each and what kind of balance to establish. Many publishers will become increasingly frustrated with failed efforts to satisfactorily monetize digital and will reduce or even abandon their efforts unless their market demands it in some form. That being the case, they will have to more closely examine their financial structure and make adjustments, facing a disproportionate increase in digital expenses to digital revenues.”

John K. Lawo, Jr., President of  Magazine Media Strategies

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