5 Ways a Blog Can Make Your Business Better



In his interview with Shweiki Media Printing Company, the pros in magazine printing, John Paul Aguiar shares his insights on why a business needs a blog.

Blogs are Part of the Business

The company owns a blog. It is part of their website, and no one else can stake a claim to that blog. It is the best way, in Aguiar’s opinion, to create content and then share it with subscribers and social media followers. No matter what channel he is on, he always brings people back to his company’s blog.

Top Reasons to Use a Business Blog

1. Blogs are a Soft Sell

The blog is the perfect way to sell a company or sell a brand, but without being too sales-like. It has great content that tells people how great the brand is without outright saying it. People can connect with that brand or company, and potentially purchase through them.

The blog post is there to share information, teach people, and soft-sell the company. No matter how much free advice is given out, Aguiar points out that a person is more likely to connect with that group or reach out to them for assistance because of the help they received on their blog.

2. All Channels Lead to the Blog

Aguiar points out how all social media channels bring users back to the company’s blog. From social media to online video sites, these sites are used to bring customers back to a place the company controls 100 percent. After all, a company does not control social media, but they are in complete control of their blog.


3. Blog Posts are Still Ranked by Google

Blog posts are an excellent way to increase search engine visibility for a website too, Aguiar points out.

Every blog is ranked by Google, and it could be ranked at the top of the SERPs with the right keywords and quality content.

To be successful with SEO, a blogger must use meta tags and descriptions to get their blog picked up by search engines. However, if they have already designed their website, they are familiar with the use of tags and descriptions and can incorporate them easily.

4. Blogs are Easy and Cost-Effective

Most websites use WordPress today; therefore, they already own the domain and have a hosting platform setup for a blog. He recommends setting up the blog as a subfolder; therefore, it would look like myblog.com/blog.

The subfolder is looked at by search engines as another page on the website, but everything done on the blog benefits the site. He also highlights that adding a blog as a subfolder will not affect your domain authority in a negative way.

No matter what, Aguiar says do not set up a free blog; you do not own it, and you are not in control of that website.

5. Blogs Boost Your Social Media Presence

Another benefit to owning a business blog is that blogs are easy to syndicate with other networks and share on social media. There are plug-ins for those that use WordPress, and WordPress lets a user automatically post their latest blogs to social media.

Aguiar mentions that he uses Digg Digg, which lets the user place share buttons on their blog posts; encouraging readers to share the content.

He does point out that a person needs to do more than just share. A blog owner must cultivate social media relationships and share other people’s content too. This will then encourage followers and other companies to share their content in return.

The Bottom Line: Blogs Build Business

No matter where a company is, whether just starting out or in business for years, having a blog is the ideal way to build a following, create a brand identity, and increase search engine rankings. Aguiar is a big fan of digital marketing, especially the blog. By implementing his tips and creating a business blog, a company can see a dramatic improvement.


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John Paul Aguiar

John Paul is an Internet Entrepreneur, Social Media Consultant, and Experienced Online Marketer. He shares simple-to-understand ideas and tips and how to's that are easy to put to work growing a blog into a business by using Social Media and Marketing. His blog, the Money Dummy, will help you learn is everything you need to know to start a blog and finally make money with that blog.

He is also the author of the Twitter Dummy Guide - Teaching how to Build a Large and Strong Twitter Community.

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