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Shweiki Media Printing Company was one of two printing companies in the entire country chosen by Kodak to be on their video series, “Press On.” Our superior printing services in San Antonio, Texas along with our dedication to efficiency, technology, and great magazine publishing allowed our company to be one out of two selected for the feature.

Hosted by Tad Carpenter, a famous American designer, and illustrator, the Press On highlights printers around the world making life better through print.

During the second episode of Press On, Tad visits our magazine printing facility to see how we deliver superior service and a hassle-free experience to our customers.

Welcome to the Fastest-Growing City

San Antonio is a fast-growing metropolis, and Carpenter points out how the roots of the once small city persist.

In 2014, Shweiki Media Printing Company became the largest offset web and sheetfed digital press company, using more than 7,000 tons of paper. In revenue, the company experiences $12.5 million per year. Today, Shweiki is the largest commercial printer in San Antonio, Texas.

Tad appreciated the mission that Shweiki wants to make life better through print. Shweiki’s prime customer base includes publishers of magazines. After all, their start was due to wanting to publish their own magazine.

Shweiki has to be on top of technology if they want to lead the industry, and that is exactly what they did. They know that being cutting edge is critical.

What sets them apart is their automated printing process, as well as their talented designers overseeing the programs. Also, Shweiki’s core technology is to create new automation rules that help drive their efficiency and quality of print – continually meeting the demands of their client.

A few of the machines highlighted in the video include:

  • Kodak Sonora XP: A process free of plates and requires zero chemicals to print. It uses less water, saves on energy, less maintenance, and less waste for the environment.
  • Kodak Preps: A highly sophisticated software that lets the machine print a barcode, which indicates whether it is putting the page in the right spot.
  • Kodak Nexpress: Another innovative piece of printing technology that offers maximum quality, flexibility, and increased workflows. It helps increase the efficiency of short-run colors and helps the company save money, which is then passed on to the client. Also, the machine comes with the super glosser for a high-gloss quality finish.

Quality is the Number One Goal

Through the Kodak integrated systems, the company can ensure that they are meeting their quotas, staying on time with publisher requests, and more. Their dedication to quality earned them the Top Commercial Printers award for 2014 in the San Antonio Business Journal.

By staying on top of the technology, including applying QR codes the moment they came out, they have worked to educate their customers. They use the latest technology and then use that technology to improve their client’s product and experience.

Overall, Tad Carpenter was impressed with everything he saw at Shweiki Media and the capacity of the Kodak machines.

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