What Can Personalized Content Marketing Do For Your Sales Team?



Ardath Albee is no novice when it comes to marketing. Her company Marketing Interactions, Inc. has helped many B2B companies create content marketing strategies that help their sales team make their sales goals more often.

She is one of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing for five years running, and she sat down with us today to talk more about how to use content to win more deals.

Personalized Content Marketing Helps Your Sales Team in Two Very Important Ways

Ardath is the queen of persona-driven content marketing. This is marketing that speaks to the needs and desires of the consumer.

But persona-based content marketing also helps your sales team.

1. They End Up Saving a Ton of Time

To sales reps, time is money. They’re always looking for ways to maximize their time. When they have to search for content to use during their sales conversation or feel the need to create their own because they couldn’t find what they were looking for – they waste valuable time.

The marketing department can help by providing content that is pertinent to the buyer and answers their questions. When sales reps have this info at their fingertips, the sales conversation is better geared toward the customers’ needs.

2. Their Sales Figures Go Up

Value-based marketing is a sure way to see your sales figures rise. The more a person feels like a company is meeting their needs and helping them find answers to their questions, the more inclined they’ll be to purchase your products and services. This is good news for the sales rep and for your bottom line.

Buyers Don’t Care Who They’re Talking to – They Just Want Value

According to Ardath, one of the biggest things marketers need to do is become an anchor for how buyers think about solving problems. The best way to do that is with repetition. When you repurpose content or tell your story in different ways, you start building ideas in the buyer’s mind. They start to think about the solutions you present and share it with others.

In order to accomplish that, though, the content needs to resonate with them. Whether they’re receiving answers to their questions from those in marketing or those in sales doesn’t matter. As long as they’re receiving content that helps them, they’re going to latch onto that and become devoted to your company.

Personalized Content Marketing: Good for Your Customers, Good for Your Teams

In business, you have a variety of goals. You want to generate income and make your business flourish. You also want to have a good reputation as an awesome place to work.

To achieve both of these goals, you need to update your marketing efforts. Your sales and marketing teams should work together to create content that speaks to potential customers. Not only will this make life easier for both the sales and marketing departments, it will make buyers more inclined to take advantage of your products and services.

Does your sales team struggle with making deals? You may need a more personalized content marketing strategy. Check out Ardath’s website for more helpful marketing tips.


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Ardath Albee

I'm CEO & B2B marketing strategist for my consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc. I've spent over 30 years in business management and marketing operations and use every bit of it to help my clients create a persona-driven digital content marketing strategy with compelling content platforms that contribute to downstream revenues. It doesn't hurt that I'm a die-hard writer & storyteller.

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