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For many online store owners, the product description is the only form of communication you’ll have with your customer as they choose and make a sale. There’s no shop assistant to try and sell the product; this is it. This means it’s essential to create the most captivating, the most compelling and the most engaging product descriptions you can to sell your products. Below, we’ll show you how.

Write for Your Buyers

The first, and most important, consideration is to write for your buyer. These are the people it matters to most, and therefore you should be aiming it at them. It’s common to fall into the trap of just listing off product specs and features. However, always remember that your potential customer is already looking at your product, they don’t need to be brought to your page. List the benefits your product will have.


Conduct Market Research

Hand in hand with the aspect above, before you set about writing your description, research exactly what your buyers want from your product. This will help you determine what language to use as well as what imagery you can include in your description.

Promote the Highlights

“When writing your descriptions, always ensure that you put the leading benefit, or highlight, at the top of the list. If this is what people are buying your product for, this is what they want to ensure your product does,” says writing expert Hillary Snow from Custom Essay service.

Describe the Benefits

As mentioned above, no one wants to read a list of specs about your product. In reality, they don’t really care about the product itself, all they care about is how it will benefit their lives. Give your potential buyers what they want to turn them into customers.

examples of great product descriptions

Avoid Common Mistakes

This means you should avoid writing clichés and avoid using common buzzwords in your text. This also relates to using boring product language that they won’t understand. Be original with your content and don’t make it look like you’ve just churned the description out by copying other sources.

Use Online Tools

When it comes to writing to your product descriptions, you want to ensure they are as accurate as possible. Otherwise, you could be harming your businesses credibility. Below is a list of tools you can use to make sure this happens.

Proofread Bot

A free, in-browser tool that allows your description to be proofread and edited as you write, saving you having to go over and keep checking your work.

Assignment Writing Service

If you’re struggling to come with ideas, seek the assistance of a professional writer at UKWritings, allowing you to use an expert’s experience to your advantage.

State of Writing

Learn how to develop your basic writing skills as well as learning the best way to create product descriptions from scratch. The more you know, the better you’ll be.

Word Counter

This tool gives a quick word count of your text. Also, it highlights mistakes.

Essay Writer

The editing process is an essential part of creating perfect product descriptions. Upload yours to Essay Roo to have them editing professionally by an expert writer.

Write Box

A free online writing tool that gives you a distraction-free area to create your product descriptions, helping you to stay focused while writing the best descriptions that you possibly can.

Order Essay

Once you have written your product descriptions, upload them to Boom Essays to have them read over and proofread by a professional writer, guaranteeing accuracy.

Continuously Draft

As mentioned in the introduction, this is the only method you may have to connect with your potential customers. This means constantly redrafting your product descriptions until they are perfect. Continuously go over your descriptions for a minimum of a week before you consider uploading.

Optimize Your Keywords

Although we are talking about selling your products to people reading your descriptions, this content will also play a big part in drawing people to your page. Ensure that your SEO your descriptions before uploading.

Create a Story or Image with Your Words

There’s no better sales tactic than creating a story or image in your potential buyer’s mind. This means you need to use sensory language that will allow your customer to see themselves using the product in their day to day lives, essential for securing sales.

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Mary Walton is an online writer and editor at College Paper Writing Service. She writes content for various marketing campaigns and provides business ghostwriting. Also, Mary has an educational blog Simple Grad, one of her recent posts is Review. Being a freelance writer, she enjoys tutoring online at Custom Essay.

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Mary Walton

Mary Walton is an online writer and editor at College Paper Writing Service. She writes content for various marketing campaigns and provides business ghostwriting. Also, Mary has an educational blog Simple Grad, one of her recent posts is Review. Being a freelance writer, she enjoys tutoring online at Custom Essay.

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