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The world of magazine publishers is busy and hectic. And especially in the modern world, where magazines exist both on paper and online, the work of the publishers has doubled. And even if the publishing itself is a well-known job for publishers, they often struggle to make online work easy and effective.

Many magazines use social media to promote themselves and resort to many social media management tools. But what magazine publishers don’t know is that there are plenty of tools to successfully manage their own magazine platform and make online publishing almost effortless. What are they?

Here are 5 essential best online publishing tools for smart but busy magazine publishers.

1 Mag+

Mag+ app

Sometimes it seems that magazine publishers never rest. Even being on the commute, they receive e-mails with important tasks and issues that need to be resolved right away. But how can you do it if you can’t access your laptop?

With the Mag+ app, you can work right from your phone! You can design your content using simple tools, create visuals using Adobe InDesign and even build your own application. After publishing the content, you will be able to receive feedback and analysis of the audience activity.

2 FlipHTML5


This tool is highly recommended for those who don’t want to re-type and upload the content from the pdf file online. This tool allows you to simply download the pdf file of the issue of your magazine preserving both written and visual content.

Your static pdf files will be transformed into interactive online magazines in a matter of few seconds. It allows to make the issue of your magazine animated, offers multiple backgrounds and designs. It also offers a possibility of adding images, videos, social media platforms, and even background music. This is a perfect online publishing tool with limitless creativity.



This is an app that serves as a professional platform for publishing with many creative tools at hand. One of its coolest features is self-designed and self-customized backgrounds that would suit your needs. Calameo also allows to print and download your creations.

It also offers an option for team work, so you can connect your colleagues to this tool and they can also make additions.



Another great professional software to create interactive online magazines. You need to upload a pdf file of the issue of your magazine following some very simple steps, add sound, images or video and you’re the online issue of your magazine is good to go.

A cool feature of this software is 3D publications which you can create, change and customize by using simple tools. The software offers you professional assistance in case you have any difficulties.



Many magazine publishers wonder how they can get more out of the publications. PressMart offers great assistance in finding better solutions on how to engage your audience, provides detailed analysis and offers feedback analytics.

It’s easy to use, comes in multiple languages and also helps you to create archives of the magazine issues. It uses cloud storage technology to ensure that your content is safely stored online.

What about Productivity?

Many magazine publishers have so many things at stake that they sometimes find it hard not to lose motivation and remain productive. And while online tools mentioned above are great to save you some time, you might still find it hard to keep being productive. So for all busy magazine publishers out there, here are essential time management tips to help you manage everything and keep personal life and work life balanced.

Check Your To-Do List

It would be a big mistake if you don’t make one before you start working. There’s one most important tip for making a to-do list: you always should prioritize. Put the most time-consuming and important tasks first and don’t waste your time on small things, if they are not important right now.


Magazine publishers do massive amounts of work but it doesn’t mean that they must do everything themselves. If you have a possibility to do so, share your work with your colleagues and your subordinates, or hire additional people to help you out. For instance, if you need an essay to be written, hire professional essay writers to do this job for you. Either way, you shouldn’t think that there’s no one to do this particular task better than you. Use the talents that surround you.

Set the Timer

You can spend less time on a task than you think. And if you think that a particular task will take the whole day, try to break it into chunks of 50 minutes each and a 15-minute break after you finish each part of your task. Breaks will help you re-charge and you’ll notice that you’ve managed to do more and quicker than expected.

To Conclude It All…

Being in charge of publishing a magazine is a difficult and time-consuming job. However, it is also necessary to remember that there’s no need to dedicate your whole life to your job. Have a rest from time to time to help your brain and body reboot.

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter.  He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+  or  Facebook.

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