What It Takes to Be a Highly Valuable Employee in the Digital Age

Digital Age

Marketing has changed because of the digital age.

This makes sense. After all, that’s why so many people are pursuing digital marketing strategies, like the digital content of blogs and videos.

A recent podcast guest – Andrea Fryrear – explained to me what it takes to become a highly valuable employee in the digital age.

The Importance of Having Multiple Talents and Abilities on the Job

Andrea is a certified Agile Marketing coach. Agile Marketing is a set of strategies that marketing teams can implement to become more productive and reach their goals faster than ever before.

During our conversation about Agile Marketing and what it can do for companies, we discussed how the digital age has changed how we look at employees on our team.

Back in the day, a highly valuable employee was someone who was extremely talented and good at their job. This hasn’t changed much – employers still want to hire talented people. However, their definition of talented has changed over the years.

In our digital age, a talented, highly valuable employee is one who is cross-functional, meaning they can do a variety of jobs.

This is so important to employers and CMOs that they’re starting to make sure their entire team is cross-functional. They do this by hiring people who are already cross-trained, or by taking the time to cross-train everyone on their team.

It’s important to note that a single person won’t be able to successfully accomplish every single job, such as graphics, writing, strategy, and salesmanship. But the more skills an employee has – the better.

In our conversation, I mentioned how I thought it was important that anyone who wants to become a writer should also learn SEO and content marketing. Andrea added that the more ways a person can communicate with an audience, the more valuable they become.

So, continuing on with the example of the writer. If the writer knows how to write in addition to knowing about social media and email marketing, they’ll be an extremely valuable asset. Another cross-training example: A writer who learns about metrics and can, therefore, be responsible for evaluating and sharing reports.

Cross-training or cross-learning isn’t just valuable to the employers, it’s valuable to the employee as well. The more they learn, the more skills they possess, the more qualified they’ll be for more interesting, higher paying jobs.

More Employers Want Their Employees to Be Agile

Something else that Andrea has noticed is that CMOs want potential employees to have experience with Agile Marketing. These strategies are extremely valuable to a company. If an employee can come into a business already having a background in Agile Marketing, they’ll be a definite asset to the CMO.

Taking the time to learn Agile Marketing strategies, as well as furthering your knowledge of different marketing aspects, is a great way to serve the company you work for. You’ll become a highly valued employee, and you’ll probably enjoy your job a lot more, too.

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Andrea Fryrear

I’ve seen first hand the power and promise of agile marketing, and I’m on a mission to share that potential with other marketers. Whether it’s the theoretical underpinnings of agility or a from-the-trenches implementation primer, I can cover agile marketing at whatever level suits the audience. I’m adept at longer, hands-on workshops as well as shorter breakout sessions running 30-45 minutes.

Whatever the subject matter, my talks empower marketers to get their hands dirty, start adopting an Agile mindset, and make the switch to an Agile approach before it’s too late.

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