Elevate Your Print Projects with the Unmatched Speed, Cost-Efficiency, and Precision  of a Web Press

Exploring cutting-edge innovations at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plant tour in Hiroshima, Japan.


In the dynamic realm of commercial printing, staying at the forefront requires strategic tool and technology choices.  Here we delve into the workings of web presses, the unique features of the Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+, and the diverse applications that benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

Understanding Web Presses:

Web presses, high-speed continuous-feed printing machines, excel in handling various print jobs efficiently. Key components include a continuous paper web, printing units, and effective drying systems. The process involves loading a roll of paper into the press, passing it through printing units where ink is applied, and utilizing drying systems to set the ink.

Web Press Printing Process:

The printing process begins with the use of large rolls of paper instead of individual sheets. Ink is applied using rollers and cylinders in a four-color (CMYK) system, with each color applied separately in successive print units. After drying, finishing processes such as cutting and binding are employed.

Pros of Web Press Printing:

  • High Speed: Web presses boast incredibly high-speed printing capabilities.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Their efficiency translates into lower per-unit costs.
  • Consistency: Web presses offer uniform print quality throughout long print runs.
  • Versatility: They handle various paper stocks and sizes, suitable for different publications.
  • Inline Finishing: Many web presses have inline finishing options, reducing the need for additional processes. (Folding, Perforations, UV Coating, etc…)

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Economies of Scale: Efficiency leads to lower costs per unit as the volume increases.
  • Speed: Web presses are significantly faster than other printing methods.
  • Quality: Modern web presses provide high-quality, consistent results comparable to sheet-fed counterparts.

Best Types of Applications for Web Printing:

Web press printing is ideal for applications requiring high-speed, cost-effective, and consistent printing. This includes newspapers, magazines, catalogs, direct mail, brochures, retail inserts, books, educational publications, financial documents, promotional materials, political campaign materials, bulk packaging labels, and special inserts or supplements.

The Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+ Press:

Shweiki Media’s investment in the Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+ press has proven transformative. This press boasts cutting-edge technology, high-speed efficiency, and flexibility in handling various print formats.

Shweiki Media’s use of the Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+ has not only garnered print quality awards but has also impacted print quality, cost-effectiveness, and customization through variable data printing.

Shweiki Media’s Award-Winning Success Stories:

  • Precision and Consistency: The press’s technology ensures high-quality, consistent results.
  • Diverse Print Projects: Shweiki Media has successfully undertaken various projects, earning acclaim.
  • Delighting Clients: The press’s exceptional quality and speed have solidified partnerships and attracted new business.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial in the commercial printing landscape, and the Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+ press stands out as a game-changer. Its features, speed, and versatility have made Shweiki Media an industry leader and earned multiple print quality awards. The Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+ press offers precision, speed, and quality for unparalleled printing performance and results.

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