How to Maintain a Human Marketing Strategy in the Technology Age


We live in an amazing technological age. The tools we have right at our finger tips make staying in touch so much easier. With the touch of a button, we can do just about anything for our business and marketing efforts.

The downside with technology is that we can easily get lost in it. This can change the dynamic of business – taking it from human interaction to business-to-business or smartphone-to-smartphone. 

Businesses have always relied on human interaction, but now the personal touch is more important than ever. This week Shweiki Media Printing Company, a printing company in San Antonio, TX sat down with marketing and social media guru (and bestselling author) Bryan Kramer to find out how to implement a human to human strategy.

The Evolution of Marketing Strategy in Recent Years

Marketing is a big job and there are so many ways to do it. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and email marketing. With so much content to put out, some companies have tried to make things easier on business owners and marketers by offering automated services.

While this can save a lot of time, it can adversely affect our message and our ability to connect with our audience – if we are not careful.

According to Bryan, automation can begin to make us sound less and less like ourselves. We start sounding like a content machine. The message that comes across to those we are trying to reach can appear cold and uninterested.

Another problem Bryan has found with a lot of recent marketing endeavors is “business talk” or our own lingo. We are involved in our business for hours each day. We get used to certain acronyms, and those we work with are used to them as well.

But our customers and clients often have no idea what we’re talking about. They don’t live or speak about our business the same way we do. Forgetting this can result in sending out some really confusing content. Our readers spend more time trying to figure out what we mean than on the message we are trying to convey.

How to Speak Like a Human to Your Customers


That’s why Bryan recommends “speaking more human.” The goal here is to make a human connection with our audience. How can we do this?

·       Remember that plain language is important and always useful.

·       Remember that you appreciate when a business tries to engage with you personally – you and your marketers should do the same thing.

·       Engage with your audience as you, not your brand.

·       Always remember that you are reaching out to individuals. Appeal to their needs, help them where you can, and communicate with them as you would a friend.

H2H: A Vital Component of Your Marketing Efforts

People are attracted to people. They want to know that on the other end of their computer or smartphone is a human being who understands them and cares about their needs. When you “speak more human” – as Bryan likes to say – you will resonate with your audience. You will soon find that this resonance is one of the most valuable components of your marketing efforts.

Would you like to know more about H2H marketing techniques? Check out Bryan’s bestselling marketing books!

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