5 Ways to Improve Your Copy and Conversion Rates

ways to increase landing page conversion rates

Website sales are all about traffic and conversions. Therefore, conversion optimization is an important area that every marketer needs to keep a close eye on.

Liston Witherill is the CEO of Good Funnel, and he teaches businesses on the best practices of selling more effectively. He is a copywriting and conversion optimization guru. Here are his tips on the best copywriting practices that convert for emails, ads, and landing pages:

Conversion Optimization at Its Best

1. Keep People on Your Landing Page

Don’t give people an opportunity to leave your landing page before filling out a contact form or putting down their email addresses. Apart from keeping your content engaging, you need to incorporate things like videos so that people spend more time on your page. The longer they stay, the more likely you’ll get a conversion.

2. Provide a Call-to-Action

No matter how insightful your landing page copy is, you cannot rely on your readers to take action on their own. You have to prompt them by providing immediate calls-to-action at crucial points in your content.

Ensure that your calls-to-action are brief, clear, and focus on the key points.

3. Verify Your Credibility

One of the challenges of selling, especially online, is that people need reassurance that they can trust you. The best way of showcasing your credibility is through testimonials and past results.

4. Nail Your Headlines

If you are writing headlines for email copies, ensure that they are outstanding. Eye-catching headlines will increase the chances of getting more people to stay on board and eventually increase your conversion rates.

5. Provide an Engaging Copy

Most marketers have a hard time coming up with ideas for their copy.

Liston recommends getting inspiration from your customers’ reviews and testimonials. Your customers will tell you what they care about, what objections they have before buying, and what their experience is with your product or service.

Will Your Copy Help Solve the Client’s Problem?

The more personal you are in your copy, the more conversions you’ll get. Customers will always want to know what a product can do, but they care more about what it can specifically do for them. 

Your copy should address the problems of your customers. And that’s how you’ll get more conversions!

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