Pre-Press Support and Technology

Pre-Press Support and Technology

Free WEBEX Printing Tutorials

  • Computer-to-plate imagesetting for a streamlined workflow and improved print quality.
  • Dedicated FTP site for a quick and effective transfer of information and pdf files.
  • Free and unlimited training and problem solving, both on-site, and over the phone via WEBEX to answer all your questions and to improve production efficiency.
These one on one WEBEX Tutorials are available Free to all Shweiki Media clients
The ABC’s of PDFs
The fast and efficient way to make print quality PDF’s
Making your photos pop off the page
The basics of Photoshop to help the publisher make the most of this powerful program.

Our industry is constantly changing and growing. Advances in technology mean that we must constantly educate ourselves and our customers. Ease of use and customer friendly systems are put in place to insure that even the least technical people can understand how to send us trouble free files. To find out how our niche publication printing services can meet your needs, please contact us today!

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