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Some questions are more valuable than others… and some are very weak. Take advantage of questions’ power. In this program, you discover simple tactics (isn’t it great to have simple sales tactics?!) that will help you make sales more easily.

In this free webinar from our Business Booster Webinar Series you will discover questions that stop the sales process fast. Questions that are answered with “Yes” or “No” will stall sales.


These types of questions, also known as throw away openers, start with:

– IS
– DO

Some examples of these throw away openers are…

– “Is that OK?”
– “Do you want to go ahead?”
– “Can we start now?”
– “Are you happy with your current supplier?”
– “Will you be ready…?”

All of these questions lead to dead end answers: Yes or No. Now what? Now, you have to ask another question. You may as well start with a question that will get you further in to the process.

Ask questions that get you lots of information. Start with questions that advance the sales process. Ask questions that force your customers to elaborate.

Some examples of these explorative questions are…
– “Who makes your buying decisions?”
– “What are your major challenges?”
– “When do you plan your budget?”
– “Where are you currently advertising?”
– “Why have you chosen to use that media?”
– “How can a media company serve you better?”

Next, learn to ask questions that get agreement on your top benefits. No one wants to be told anything. But, if they tell you, it must be so. If you tell them, it’s dubious. You are trying to sell them something.

Your goal is, to get the buyer to tell you what you wanted to tell them. Sounds tricky. This can be accomplished with subtle differences in your approach and can you get you tremendous results.

Use leading questions…

– “How important is it for you to reach the decision makers in your industry?”
– “How much would your business grow if you reached the key decision makers in your industry?”

Now they are ready to hear your solutions.

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Jenae Rubin has successfully increased magazine advertising sales revenues and profits as a Rep, Advertising Director, Publisher (now as a trainer)– Home of Stress-Free Selling®


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Jenae Rubin

Jenae Rubin, - Home of Stress-Free Selling®
Jenae Rubin has successfully increased magazine advertising sales revenues and profits as a Rep, Advertising Director, Publisher (and now as a consultant and trainer) with consumer, b2b and association magazines with and without online components.

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