Tablets…it’s a Magazine. Period!


The conversation about Tablets is critical for Publishers to have to avoid making the same mistakes that were made with the web.


Learn from what was lost…

There is a psychological shift because people see magazines on tablet and physical magazines as the same. When a company gives something away for free it’s very hard to charge for it down the road. Unlike the web tablet publications need to be immediately charged for so that it is not given away for free. Publishers should learn from what was lost when it came to switching to the internet.

Charge for ads…

Publishers need to charge for advertisements in magazines and digital editions separately. Begin to train advertisers that magazine and digital edition are the same as far as charging for both ads goes.


  • 11% of adults already own a tablet
  • Almost half of tablet users get news on their tablets every day
  • Tablet owners spend an average of 90 minutes on them per day
  • Tablet news users say they prefer tablets over traditional computers, print publications or television as a way to get quick news headlines and to read long form pieces
  • The majority or 40% of tablet news users say they get their news mainly through a tablet web browser (compared to a news app)
  • 23% of tablet news users get digital access of some kind through a print newspaper or magazine subscription
  • 59% of tablet news users say the tablet replaces what they used to get from a print newspaper or magazine
  • Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) of those who read long articles in the lat seven days ended up reading articles they were not initially seeking out
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