Custom Tabs for Facebook Fan Pages

Custom Tab Images

People’s attention is usually caught by bright colors and appealing imagery. Take advantage of custom tab images on Facebook to catch clients and consumers attention. Facebook fan pages are a great way to grow a business and get easily accessibly information to the public.

When a customer likes a business’s page, it allows them to be kept up to date on what is happening with the business. The updates also show on the customer’s news feed, alerting all their friends that they “like” the business. Essentially a Facebook page directs traffic to the business, so the page so be appealing and relevant for the current and new customers.

Advantages to using custom tabs on your fan page:

  1. Display products
  2. Feature promotions
  3. Show recent projects
  4. Showcase product videos/how to videos
  5. Use as a welcome page for visitors
  6. Direct visitors the the company’s website

Don’t Know How to Create a Fan Page?

There are many businesses that specialize in creating fan pages on Facebook for companies, but the best is  Here are some examples of their work:


Notice how the tabs are relevant to the business and the customer? Tabs should be used for the customer to access the most important information of the business. In this case the most important information would be seeing floor plans in person and seeing them online. By giving the customer instant information on the company, the customer is put at ease and more trusting to further interact with the company.




In this example the company Landmark Athens uses the tabs in a more customer interactive way. Instead of leading the customer to information on the company, like the one above, they lead the customer to the company’s other social media websites.


Why are Tabs important?


Tabs are important because they support the cover photo and idea of the business with links to further information. The main cover photo can be attractive, but if the customer cannot access any other information about the business, they usually won’t make the extra effort to look up the information else where. To read more about the importance of tabs click here.

To learn more about Facebook marketing click here.  

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