Tips for Strategically Adding LinkedIn Connections: A Shweiki Media Webinar

Kevin Knebl

Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with social media guru Kevin Knebl to present a must-watch webinar on strategically adding LinkedIn connections to optimize the effectiveness of one’s LinkedIn profile.

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See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn

There’s no such thing as being connected to too many people; after all, one never knows where their next lead, prospect, client, referral source—even spouse—is going to come from. A good way for someone to begin to add connections on LinkedIn is to add people that one already knows.

Using Email to Add LinkedIn Connections

One way to connect to as many contacts as possible is by using LinkedIn connection tools to send an invitation to connect to everyone in one’s personal email address book.


Find Alumni

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By incorporating an alma mater into one’s LinkedIn profile, the user allows the platform to know where they went to school. A lesser-known LinkedIn feature that one can use to find connections is the “Find Alumni” button. This feature—and the resulting connections that can ensue—alone make it recommended for users to include every school they ever attended, even high school, in an effort to reach out to as many people as possible. Not only does LinkedIn scour its database for every profile that mentions having attended one’s same institution, but it can break down profiles by the years attended, current location, and current industry where one is working.

All these tools combine to give users the ability to build, develop and enrich relationships at a level that would’ve been impossible 20 or 30 years ago.

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Kevin Knebl

Kevin Knebl, Knebl Communications, LLC
Kevin is an author, coach, and an in-demand speaker on Online and Offline Networking, Relationship Building, LinkedIn and Twitter. To get more information about Kevin Knebl, visit his website at

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