How To Use LinkedIn Status Updates Effectively

Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with LinkedIn specialist Kevin Knebl to present a must-watch webinar on how to effectively use LinkedIn status updates and how they can be used to create new business opportunities.

LinkedIn Status Updates

LinkedIn is a social networking site featuring over 300 million active users. Every user’s home page contains a section designated for status updates from connected “friends” (which is similar, in a way, to Facebook’s timeline format). The best strategy is for one to post some form of a status update once a day, preferably in the morning. Regular posting allows users to develop a “top-of-mind awareness strategy.” It’s not about pitching a specific product; it’s about understanding that in a more and more connected world, one can’t simply sit back passively and be an observer. It’s important to become a value generator.

The 70/30 Rule

A good rule to follow is to post with a simple 70/30 ratio in mind. Seventy percent of what one posts should come from an outside source and exclude one’s own place of business entirely, including links to articles within one’s industry, content catering to those who one does business with, and any extra information one finds that can add value to his/her LinkedIn brand. The seventy percent can essentially be divided into three main categories: informational, educational, and entertaining. The remaining thirty percent can be designated as promotion for one’s own business brand. Whether one wants to promote the launching of a new product or service, highlight a publication about their brand, or simply inform viewers about what’s going on in their own world, using the 70/30 ratio ensures that one will get their message across without diminishing their content value.

Internet Etiquette

One of the most important steps for boosting one’s business through LinkedIn status updates is simply remembering Internet etiquette. Take, for example, a situation in which thirteen people had “liked” a motivational quote Knebl had posted earlier in the day. Most people would be excited about receiving the likes, but would do nothing to reciprocate their gratitude in the form of a thank-you message back to the people who took time to like one’s post. LinkedIn’s value as a platform lies in its ability to develop relationships between associates. Going the extra mile and thanking someone for their recognition of a post could act as the tipping point that leads to a worthwhile conversation or even increased business.


How To Use LinkedIn Status Updates Effectively







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