How to Effectively Leverage LinkedIn Groups

When used properly, LinkedIn is a platform that can lead to social media success. Here Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with LinkedIn expert Kevin Knebl to present a must-watch webinar on how to effectively leverage LinkedIn groups.


LinkedIn Groups

Whether one is in sales, business development or lead generation, the best way to think of LinkedIn groups is as a way to find people to do business with—or, alternately, as a way to find people who will refer others to one’s business.

The first step in proper group management is using the search box to search for groups within one’s own geographic area. It’s important to understand that one’s networking skills (or lack of) offline, will be reflected online. When deciding whether to join a networking group in one’s area, it’s also a good idea to consider whether the group is a good use of time. Do the people in this group refer business back and forth? Do they facilitate business? Or are they just a bunch of broke salespeople running around, throwing business cards at one another?

LinkedIn offers users a “group statistics” tool so that those looking to join a group can gain instant insight into specifics relating to the group effectiveness. The group statistics page shows viewers key specifics such as: where members are located, how old they are, what industry they’re in, their rank within their own business, group chatter, and whether or not the group is growing.

Posting In LinkedIn Groups

A good rule is for one to join at least 12-15 qualified groups and then, once a week, post a discussion thread in those groups that’s relevant to the group theme. This is creating a “top-of-mind awareness” strategy. By keeping one’s name in front of one’s LinkedIn peers (in a way that’s not slick or sales-y), one can actively contribute to the group. And whether or not group members like the article, comment on the article, or are indifferent, at least one has established their name within the group, and doing it in a way that’s adding value to the sum total and not simply self-serving.


Using LinkedIn Search Terms

LinkedIn’s search box is a powerful tool when networking within LinkedIn groups. After clicking on search, one can type in a keyword and search for terms linking to discussion threads within every group located on the LinkedIn platform. Connecting simultaneously with every LinkedIn group and mining through discussion threads based on keywords related to things that one specializes in—or that one’s prospects are talking about—is an effective way to filter LinkedIn’s network and focus on places where one can properly engage with peers.


Ways to Effectively Leverage LinkedIn Groups






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