Publication Printers Vs Commercial Printers: How Do They Differ?

What Are Publication Printers

Publication printers and commercial printers are commonly interchanged names when it comes to printing types. Yet, they differ from each other greatly in use and in printing capacities.

So What Are Publication Printers?

First of all, publication printers are much more heavy-duty than commercial printers. As the name suggests, publication printing, i.e., printing in large quantities, require extensive use of rather intensive machines. Moreover, this is what publication printers offer and provide.

Publication Printers Vs Commercial Printers

They are web-fed, and they can run for long hours producing daily periodicals and major broadsheets. They are the ones who are responsible for the sharp images in your thick, glossy magazines. Although publication printers have one key factor that is different. They offer high precision and convenience in controls and configuration. However, they are usually handled and operated by a team and not just one man.

High-Quality and Large Quantity

Publication printers are specially and excellently designed for the production of at least 15,000 copies of newspapers or magazines, and that is a small quantity edition. They are also capable of mass production, and that is in several millions of copies.

Each of their spare parts serves a particular functionality to guarantee the accuracy of the order. This includes factors like the number of pages, the order of pages, the sharpness of colors of photos and even of the written content.

Publication printing machines are state-of-the-art and are built with the most innovative components of printing technology. In turn, that means enhancing their impact on the excellent level of quality of the printed materials.

What Do Commercial Printers Do?

Ironically, commercial printing equipment comes in an even much wider range of types. This is despite the more arduous work that publication printers offer and do. Commercial printing machines are usually sheet-fed.

Hence, they come in different sizes depending on size of the paper for them to print on. Some of these types are laser printers, inkjet printers, garment printers and stamp printers. Each of which has its own specific purpose and function. This is what is so limiting about commercial printers.

What Are Publication PrintersGiven these differences, it can be concluded that publication printers are very versatile, flexible.

Basically, they are all-around more capable of challenging and long hours for their print jobs. They are also more encompassing in terms of use and service.

On the other hand, commercial printers are much more limited in those aspects.

It has to be clear though that it is a myth that commercial printers cannot be used to print your publication. It is simply not usual and not ideal for publication printing purposes as they operate much slower.

This just means they are not capable of generation newspapers overnight for release the following day. The machinery of a commercial printer simply is not built for that. They may still be able to cater to producing publications that are released on a monthly or quarterly basis. They can even produce at a frequency more random and less often than that if given ample time to prepare.

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