What Is Included in Custom Printing Services?

the importance of custom printing for your brand's success

Custom printing can be applied on almost all print jobs, such as brochure printing, flyer printing and catalog printing.

These are some of the features included in a custom printing services package.

the importance of custom printing for your brand's success

Special Print Effects in Custom Printing Services Package

The following are some of print features you can choose to include in your custom printing services package:

Die Cutting for Custom Printed Materials and Projects

Why should you choose to die cut your custom printed materials and projects?

First off, ask yourself, what message do you wish to convey with your custom printed materials and projects? Are you looking to create a more classic and traditional effect such as pre-existing templates provided by professional printers? Are you looking to create a unique and unconventional result for your custom printed materials and projects?

Whatever your intentions of design may be, the primary purpose of die cutting for custom printed materials and projects is to make an impact on your audience. For instance, brochures business cards or amazing custom vinyl decals are handheld materials which may create an effective impact with a die cut finish on them.

Your brochures or business cards will be better recalled and have more chances of being kept for future reference purposes of the recipients if you include die cut effects on them.

Therefore, the possibilities which come with die cutting are practically endless.

Foil Stamping

You can benefit a great deal from choosing to foil stamp your custom printed materials and projects.

Basically, foil stamping results in a more interesting and bigger brand perception with eye-catching effects. Foil stamping brochures and business cards, for example, add value to the brand name and company which you are promoting, as well as the products and services your business offers.

Foil stamp your custom printed materials and projects and you’ll add a classy and elegant twist to them.

Foil stamping can be applied on virtually any kind of paper stock.


Embossing can be applied on both images and characters which are both vital elements in any printed materials. It makes your brochures or business cards, event invitations, envelopes and presentation folders, stand out.

Embossing is usually employed to highlight and draw out certain significant details in print.

Special Inks and Coatings in Custom Printing Services Package

Special inks and coatings add style, zest, spark and glamour to your printed projects.

You can go beyond your comfort zone of the traditional four-color printing process and venture into a more colorful arena of metallic inks, even scented and glow-in-the-dark inks.

This will make your marketing and advertising materials in print stand out even better and appear more specially enhanced.

Special Paper Stocks in Custom Printing Services Package

Premium and specialty paper stocks of great and durable underlying layers stand out and receive more notice.

There is a wide variety of these premium and specialty paper stocks from recycled paper to plastic paper to synthetic vinyl to heat-resistant textured paper.

Special Folding and Binding in Custom Printing Services Package

Folding and binding offer so many possibilities that will make your projects, particularly your marketing and advertising tools, leave a truly remarkable impression on your customers.

Professional printers have advanced equipment and technologies in which to use for creating even the most complicated folding and binding, leaving a clean finish.

So, add more dash to your materials and print projects with these custom printing options. For cost to print custom designs, click here.

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