What You Should Learn About Choosing the Paper Type for Quick Printing for Magazines

what are the different types of papers you can choose

When you are in need of quick printing for magazines, whether in a short run and small quantities, or in bulk, you have to meticulously choose the type of paper to use. This will maximize better results and your desired output.

If you are trying to look for answers to what types of paper for magazines are most commonly printed on, then we have the answers for you. We want to help provide you with the basic knowledge of choosing the right paper type for quick printing for magazines.

After all, aesthetics, particularly the look and feel of the finished work in a printed magazine, is essential. A matter of fact, it is a major determinant to underscore the success of your magazine.

what are the different types of papers you can choose

What Are Some of the Paper Types to Choose From?

Presented here the magazine paper types with the brief description of their features, properties and the advantages of using them.

Lightweight Coated and Medium Weight Coated Magazine Papers

Lightweight coated paper and medium weight coated magazine papers are some of the paper types to choose from when quick printing for magazines.

Lightweight coated papers range from 35gsm to 70gsm which are great range which make for good amount of brightness for the print. Given their range in gsm, they are only single-coated and therefore more affordable.

On the other hand, medium weight coated magazine papers usually come in professional-grade that are double-coated. These have the capacity to truly handle full-scale color magazine production while keeping the right opacity of the print. They can be easily used for quick printing for magazines in bulk and in large quantities to possess fair longevity and durability.

Supercalendered Magazine Paper

Supercalendered magazine papers are highly bright and very economical because they are typically light in weight ranging from 39gms to 60gsm only. They make for a great option for easy and quick printing for magazines in bulk and large quantities because of their weight without having to sacrifice the brightness of the output in print.

Woodfree Coated Magazine Papers

Woodfree coated magazine papers are another great option for quick printing for magazines in high bulk and large quantities as well as production in premium quality. These are known for their durability, longevity and resistance to tears. Woodfree coated magazine papers result in high opacity as well. They come in double and even triple coated options.

What Are the Different Paper Coatings for You to Select From?

Gloss Magazine Papers

Gloss magazine papers have high reflective effects and are high on ink lift too. They provide for truly vibrant and appealing color results in print and high intensity photos.

Matte Magazine Papers

Matte papers for quick printing for magazines have a rougher look and feel than gloss paper. They do not offer any surface reflection and yet are smooth in finish.

Although there is improved readability with matte magazine papers owing to the absence of light reflection, the ink lift is not too obvious. This means that they give photos a seemingly flatter and two-dimensional appearance.

Silk Magazine Papers

Silk paper is like a cross between gloss and matte. They are smooth like matte and have no surface reflection either while they offer intensity like gloss papers do. The caveat though lies in that you will need your printers to seal the printed pages so that the ink on one page would not rub up on the other when the magazine is being leafed through.

Although the intensity of the print is very similar to that of gloss papers, silk magazine papers do not manage to make the ink on it as dry as it does on gloss papers.

the best paper types for your magazine for promotional advertisements

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