Business Card Printing, Still a Deal Maker

Never underestimate the importance of the time-tested business card.

Business card printing is as important as ever, and deciding to save money by completely dropping business cards from your budget or deciding to use a cheap, cut-rate printer, is not a prudent move.

A well designed business card with reputable custom printing company is the smart move, as the power of the business handshake followed by the exchange of business cards, goes along way towards making the impression you desire.

With the competition fairly intense amongst business card printing shops, the cost to print business cards has never been more affordable.

Consider Custom Printing With Shweiki Media for Your Business Cards

If you are going to have your business cards done by a custom printing company, consider the professionals at Shweiki Media.

We provide printing for just about any job a business could need, including business card printing. No job is too big or too small.

If you need an order for thousands with custom printing of your business cards, we can do that. If you have a small business and just need a small box of 250 basic business cards, our business card printing services have you covered. Design your own or choose one of ours, we’re here to help and make your life easier.

Of course, you need to know some key details when deciding what you need your business card to look like.

Remember, the main point of the business card is the connection beyond the handshake and sharing of cards. You want that potential client or contact to keep in touch. Your business card can assure you of a better than decent shot at that.

One pointer to think about is to add some new twists to what content you have on the business card. The basics should always be included, and that is primarily the contact information (always make sure you include business name, phone, cell, fax numbers, email addresses, website, social media info, etc.).

But how about adding section for comments or notes? Obviously this would require a two-sided print job, but having a part of the card specifically set aside for comments is a splendid idea.

create your own business card online

Time to Save a Buck, Try These Tips

To help with your business card printing decision, here are some cost savings tips, if you do need to save a buck or two:

Search the internet for deals on basic business cards, if that is all you need. There are some reputable companies who provide standard, simple designs, nothing fancy. You can choose cards printed on one side, with a matte finish.

Also consider using your image on the card, more and more businesses are putting a face to the name, making it easier to be memorable, especially if you’re meeting with many clients, it does make an impression. And if you do decide to design your own, keep it simple, but make it unique.

Take advantage of any friends who might be into design, and maybe they can help. Following these cost savings tips can help save you some bucks.

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