Designing Online and Print Flyers

So you need to create flyers for an event you need advertise or market and you’re thinking about how to make a flyer online.

Well let’s go back in time for a little perspective on how things have changed, yet very much stayed the same.

in the old days, if you wanted to spread the word about an event or information you wanted people to know, you’d have a ‘handbill’ created, usually by someone who could draw with a fair hand, and post them wherever people would likely be able to see them.

Think back a little and it’s the 1870s and you’re a sheriff and you want to capture a notorious criminal, so you’re name is Pat Garrett and you have a wanted poster drawn up for information to capture outlaw Billy the Kid.

Or it’s the 1500s in some small English village, and you’re name is William Shakespeare, and you want people to come and see your new play “The Taming of the Shrew”.

You Need to Create Flyers, Because It’s Still an Effective Marketing Tool

OK, so that’s just a history lesson on how what we know today as flyers got their start, but the basic concept is still very much alive and well.

So it’s 2017 and you need to market and advertise for an event. Your first thought is you need to be creative and come up with an exciting social media post to spread the word, and indeed you should. But don’t forget to make a flyer online, utilizing the awesome services of Shweiki Media.

Because while online marketing is a critical part of any marketing or advertising campaign (even small ones), know how to create flyers and using them properly to assist your online endeavors is still an amazing way to spread the word about anything (regardless of the size of your event) you need to get out to the public.

And to make a flyer online, well, it couldn’t be easier. If you work with use, you’re working with a company that has everything you need to create flyers available to you. Not much of a creative designer? No worries, we can do that, we offer services which make the process simple and easy.

All you need to do is provide the basic information for your event, and we can assist with the rest. And what if you just happen to be a creative person and are a wizard at design? No problem, we can take your design and print it on any type of media necessary for your needs.

 making and designing your own flyers online

Simple or Complex, Make a Flyer Online with Us!

And if you need to make a flyer online, our services range from simple 8×11 black and white flyers.

So whether you need to create flyers which require simple printing, like a basic printed sheet advertising a small community garage sale you want to market, postcard printing, or if you’re a marketing executive and you need to prepare for a huge meeting which requires a complex, multimedia printing job for dozens of employees and clients, look no further than our website at, where you will find any and all information to assist in the job at hand.

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