Custom Business Cards: Design Tips That Will Surely Boost Your Brand

In spite of the trend to go paperless more and more in this digital age, having custom business cards professionally printed proves to still be quite effective for business owners and operators. Having custom business cards is like having an instant marketing tool which you can readily hand any potential client whom you bump into.

Custom business cards are handy advertising materials, which when pleasantly designed and printed, can lead to recipients holding on to them for future reference.

This is a reason why you should invest time in thinking about how your custom business cards should be presented, as well as invest the right amount in a professional printer, in order to create the right kind for your purposes. After all, you can get a great deal on the cost to print, especially if you choose to work with Shweiki Media.

For now, let us move on to some useful tips which you can apply to designing your custom business cards.

designing tips for your custom business card

Design Tips for Custom Business Cards

Keep Your Custom Business Cards Simple Without Losing the Professional Appeal

It is recommended to stick with the conventional size of business cards, although you can play around by choosing between a landscape or portrait orientation.

It will work best for you if you use customization in terms of the paper finish, the embossing and die-cutting. Otherwise, steer clear of any gimmicks which can only make your custom business cards appear tacky. Bear in mind, it is a professional or corporate business card and not a brochure which you can get fancy, creative and elaborate with.

They will display more professional and serious appeal with classic yet sophisticated simplicity.

The Information on Your Custom Business Cards Have to Be Clear

In line with simplicity that has been discussed in the previous section, to keep your important business details clear, make sure you use fonts that are strong yet without being unnecessarily showy and ornate.

Custom business cards are not the business materials where you want to use patterned and swirly calligraphy which will give recipients a hard time deciphering your office address and contact details.

Maximize the Space on Your Custom Business Cards

Do not hesitate to use the other side of the card as long as what you put in the space will be significant and influential.

You may use the back of the business card for some timeless adage or perhaps your company motto, which will make a mark in the recipients’ minds and which may even be convincing enough to convert the recipients into your actual business clients.

how to improve your custom business card design

Invest in the Material to Be Used

Excellent card stock for custom business cards is always worth the investment.

You will want your corporate business cards to be as sturdy as your company is. You definitely don’t want them to be flimsy and film-like. Custom business cards are a written and tangible way of introducing yourself and your brand you represent to the recipients, and you want to be confident in giving them out.

As well, you can have your company logo embossed. You can choose to laminate your cards. You may also choose a smooth, matte finish. This is the phase of the design process where you can be creative in and spend some extra cash on.

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