What You Need to Do Before Custom Magazine Printing for Your Organization

Custom magazines create and maintain relationships between your organization and your specifically targeted audience. They help position your company as an influential authority in your field and industry.

If used and distributed correctly and appropriately, your custom magazines can be a great marketing and advertising tool, both externally and intra office.

Before custom magazine printing, there are a couple of things which you will need to do and smooth over so you can achieve the goal of making these custom magazines as effective as they can be.

However, let us first discuss what exactly custom magazines are and what they can do for your organization.

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What Is a Custom Magazine?

A custom magazine is a communication, educational and customer retention tool which allows for your company to share a specific message to a particular market base.

Compared with other commercial magazines which are printed in long runs, custom magazines are limited in number for distribution, as its number of pages are limited too, say, 24 to 30 pages. This reduced or regulated number of pages then should precisely contain details on a subject highly pertinent to the organization which the magazine represents.

A custom magazine’s release is less frequent, yet consistently, such as every quarter of the year.

A custom magazine should be highly editorial so that it can highlight your company’s strengths that give it an edge over competition.

Owing to the nature of print custom magazines, and because they are essentially a practical marketing and advertising vehicle, you should pay close attention, not only to the carefully thought out contents, but also to the style, layout and design, so as to draw in the attention and interest of your target market base which is actually the desired results.

In the following sections, we will provide you better understanding of the things to do and steps to take before custom magazine printing.

What Are the Things to Do and Steps to Take Before Custom Magazine Printing?

Before Custom Magazine Printing, You Should Have Your Production Schedule Definitively Set Forth

To have your production schedule definitively set forth means, much better management of getting your custom magazine printing in a timely manner, so that you do not miss the frequency and consistency of its release.

You must have a target distribution date, and it can take this release date as your reference point, so that you will know how to budget the time for creating the concept and writing the contents, the editing and proofreading, and the design layout, among the many other details to iron out in between.

Allocate an ample amount of time for each of these and adhere to the scheduling plan, because to have your production schedule definitively set forth and to stick to it, are some of the first things to do and steps to take before custom magazine printing.

You Must Plan a Detailed Budget for the Idea and Strategy Prior to Custom Magazine Printing

While you have an overall plan and a bigger picture in mind for your custom magazines, a detailed plan and more specific pieces of the bigger picture must also be present to follow and back up the general idea and focus of the custom magazine in print.

To plan a detailed idea and strategy prior to custom magazine printing, this type of budget includes knowing your target readers. In knowing your target audience, you will know which design and style will work well with them. With this, you also have to greatly understand the message which you want to convey prior to custom magazine printing.

affordable custom printing near youWill a traditional feature story work better than an infographic for this particular subject and for your audience? How much of the custom magazine in print should be allotted for images and illustrations and how much of it will be taken up with the editorial content?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will then be ready to create the content and a design, choose your authors and artists, and provide them with an editorial budget.

Do Not Let Any Part of the Custom Magazine in Print Left Unchecked

Before sending your issue for custom magazine printing, do not just skim through your final output, instead, perform a detailed perusal of the product in hand.

This way, you will be able to polish your custom magazine to perfection before sending it out for printing.

Shweiki Media and Custom Magazine Printing

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