Paul Kortman Explains Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing

Most small businesses know that making an impact on the digital landscape is extremely important, but they aren’t quite sure where to start.

Paul Kortman is the owner of Connex Social: a digital marketing agency specializing in increasing conversions and high-quality traffic.

Today, he explains how to market your small business in the digital space.

This is part one of two so stay tuned for more tips.

Everything Revolves Around Your Website

Your website is your launch pad – not Facebook or Google.

After you’ve developed a website that thoroughly explains what you’re all about and have to offer, you need to figure out how to get people to your website.

Once they get to your website, you want them to take action such as making a purchase, signing up for your mailing list, or entering your storefront.

Paul has a three-point plan based on old-school basic marketing principles for accomplishing this.

1.    Who Is Your Target Audience?

Really get to know your target audience.

“Male between the ages of 25 and 35” isn’t enough anymore because you have so many options for acquiring more information.

Where do they spend their time both online and off? Which devices do they use? What are their interests?

Really get into their head.

2.    What Is Their Pain Point?

Once you’ve figured out who your target audience is, you need to identify their pain point.

If you’re running a health food website, for example, your audience probably wants to live a toxin-free life.

Now, you’ll want to develop a straight-to-the-point phrase that encompasses your target audience’s pain point. Paul recommends creating something that gets your point across in three seconds or less.

Going back to the health food example, your phrase could be “live toxin-free.”

3.    How Can You Develop Content Around Your Business Angle?

You’ll want to develop content that offers solutions to your audience’s pain point.

Getting creative and branching out is important.

If you’re running an online store that sells shoes, you can only write so many articles about shoes, right?

Think of other interests your audience might have. If they like sneakers, they probably also enjoy running, basketball, sports, or living a healthy life.

Create interesting and authoritative content they’ll feel compelled to share and talk about.

Marketing in the Digital Space

Paul says you have two resources: time and/or money.

Fortunately, digital and real-life space gives you plenty of options for doing using these resources.

  • Reach out to your target audience in real life to ask questions and tweak your strategy.
  • Contact bloggers to republish your articles and link back to your website.
  • Develop relevant content for your target audience.
  • Focus on search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Put out high-quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Offer free eBooks or coupons for customers who give you their email address.

Remember: your goal is to get people to your website – and hopefully – take action.

You can find Paul at Connex Digital Marketing.

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I'm the owner of a digital marketing agency, proficient with search engine marketing and search engine optimization, certified nerd as a system administrator for 12 years, passionate about online marketing and father of 4.

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