Teaching – An Important Part of Providing Value to Potential Customers

Teaching – An Important Part of Providing Value to Potential Customers

With the popularity of video marketing growing each day, what can you do to ensure you create awesome videos?

According to Paul Kortman, founder and CEO of Connex Social, you don’t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on creating videos.

Small business owners don’t need their videos to look like a million dollar Nike commercial. Instead, it’s the content you want to focus on because this is what’s important to your potential customer.

Video Content Marketing – One of the Best Ways to Teach Your Client Base

During our conversation, Paul explained that humans have been hardwired to make a visual connection with other humans. That’s why video is so powerful. Even though we’re not in the same room with the person on the screen, we get to know them based on what we see.

While it’s important that your target audience feels like they know you, it’s even more important that they feel like you’re giving them information that they can use.

Before a consumer makes a purchase, they want to know: What’s in it for me?

It’s important to keep this in mind when creating video content. You want to make sure that you create something that they’ll view as helpful.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating teaching videos.

For instance, if you run a shoe repair shop in Minneapolis, make videos teaching people how to repair their shoes. Or, teach them how to choose the best shoes for the shape of their foot.

How To videos are some of the most popular videos on the internet, and it’s all because people feel they’re getting some really valuable information.

Why Teaching Potential Clients How to Do Things Doesn’t Hurt Your Business

You may be wondering, though, whether How To videos might actually hurt your business. After all, if you own a shoe repair business, won’t teaching people how to repair their shoes end up costing you their business?

Actually, the opposite is true.

How To videos show people just how much work is involved in this type of project. It shows them that they can save time by hiring you. It will also show them how skilled you are at the work you do.

Therefore, these videos can actually bring more business your way. And in the meantime, potential customers really appreciate that you’re willing to offer them some really helpful information.

Consistently Offering Value Is the Best Way to Market Your Small Business

Whether you implement video marketing into your business, or you prefer to stick with audio podcasts and blog posts, the most important thing to remember is to offer something of value.

People don’t want to read, see, or listen to fluff. They don’t want their time wasted. They want to know – very briefly – what you do, and then they want to know how what you do is going to benefit them.

Every time you take the time to create content for your digital marketing campaign, ask yourself: Is what I’m offering going to be seen as something truly valuable by my target audience?

Do you want more great tips from Paul on how to use video and other digital strategies to build your business? Make sure to check out his blog and follow him on Twitter.

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