Magazine Printing – A Simplified Beginner’s Guide

magazine printing

Magazine printing may seem easy and glamorous task but it is actually a tedious work that needs time and attention to detail. You need a highly creative team to keep the designs, print layout and content ready. As one cannot undo anything from the printed result, you must ensure that the best work in the prep stages, the phase before the actual printing starts. Today, we would walk you through an easy breakdown of tasks before magazine printing.

Magazine Printing Checklist – Must Know For Beginners!

Choose the software!

First of all, you need to choose the adequate software for designing the layout of the magazine. You can select from Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Publisher and more to create attractive layouts, new aged designs ready for print. This is the first step in magazine printing.

Check the intricacies like bleed, folds and more!

Bleed is the space around the magazine content, it is the area covering the margins. If you want colored background then you need to keep an eye on the bleed and create a catchy design for it. This also reduces the chances of detecting errors during trimming. If you are adding any special piece within folds, then again work on it in advance. You can add a leaflet or brochure in the fold, which works as business printing.

Focus on the kind of binding!

Your next concern should be how your magazine would be bound. The kind of binding depends on the number of pages and weight of the paper. Some of the binding options include lay-flat, saddle stitch, side stitch, fastback, velo and more. Check with the best magazine printing service provider in San Antonio to suggest the best binding for your publication printing.

Pay detailed attention to the reader’s view!

While visualizing the entire magazine, you should focus on how it will look to the readers. Think from the readability point of view as it will a huge impact on the popularity of the magazine. Hence, magazine printing depends highly on the comfort of the readers. You can define the structure of the document by considering how it will be visible to the reader.

Think about the color with respect to your brand! 

Colors not just add visual appeal but also represent your brand image. So, select wisely and inform your design team to ensure that the colors are bespoke. Most magazine printers in San Antonio choose CMYK color mode instead of RGB mode for print designs.

Image quality should be a priority!

The images in your publication should be of high resolution. You need to invest in the best photographer and make sure that the images are of good quality. Focus on the image quality than the image size. Images are an essential element of magazine printing as they bind the reader’s attention to convert them into leads and then customers.

Then comes the typography!

How your text will look is very important even if you want to go for cheap magazine printing in San Antonio. Think about the font size, its color and its overall impact on the look and feel of the magazine. This will again depend on the kind of audience or readers. Creative fonts are needed for kids magazines while large, easy to read fonts should be chosen for magazines that are read by elderly people.

There are many more aspects of publication printing which we will uncover in the coming times. You can keep reading this space for more details on magazine printing and how magazines are the best advertising medium for businesses.

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