Magazine Printing – Still The Best Source For Authentic Ads And News!

magazine printing

Newspapers and magazines are still considered the best sources for advertising and campaigning. When an ad or news is published in a reputed newspaper or magazine, there is rarely any doubt about the authenticity of those pieces of information. This is the basic reason why magazine printing exists and will continue to do so even in this digital era. It is still holding strong in the marketing arena because three out of every four Americans agree that they were misguided by a fake headline on the Internet.

Magazine Printing Vs. Online Magazines – Check The Difference!

While Internet or digital medium take liberty for data and information, this cannot be practiced in newspapers or magazines. According to the Association of Magazine Media (MPA), “magazine media content is professionally researched, written, curated, and produced across platforms.” As magazine printing involves absolute research on the information to be put forth, it is not only authentic but also a safe form of advertising. The editors scrutinize the content for smallest details to carve out a proper brand image for the advertisers. It is a big reason why US businesses spend a big deal on magazine printing and get astounding results out of it.

Magazine printing – best for branding!

If statistics are to be believed then the estimated magazine advertising spending of US would cross a 4.83 billion mark by 2021. This clearly suggests that businesses and companies need to build their brand through various mediums including magazine printing. It would have a slow but steady impact on the brand value of the product or services. As there are least chances of fraudulent data or advertisement, an ad in newspaper or magazine is considered with high regards than that on the Internet. In addition, the web has its own limitations and often misguides people with fake ads.

Another key point is that the cost of online advertisement is skyrocketing while those for magazines and newspaper ads are still affordable. This holds true for genuine and trusted online marketing channels as they charge you for being authentic. However, the biggest benefit is that web has a sea of the audience while magazines go to the limited yet targeted audience. An astute marketer can leverage the benefits of creating advertisements through magazine printing. They achieve it by designing magazine content that set off sales. Even online companies can leverage this targeted marketing technique of magazines to increase their customer base.

To put it simply, magazine printing is safest advertising strategy which can be used by online companies to generate more business and sales. By putting their ads in magazines or newspapers with an excellent readership ratio, they can target a big chunk of the audience and bring them to their website. This way, magazine printing works wonders for the online companies as well. Marketing experts suggest that print media can give best results when used for advertising. Hence, the value of print media cannot be underestimated even when digital media is booming like never before. In fact, both can complement each other if businesses have the skill to use both to their advantage.

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