Magazine Publishing – Details To Create an Effective Magazine

Magazine Publishing

We have talked enough about the craft or magazine printing and how publications can pull customers. In this digital era also magazine publishing is working well as an advertising strategy. One cannot deny the impact of these publications provided you invest in best printing services in San Antonio. Today, we will dig deeper into this craft and see how focusing on effective printing strategies can give excellent returns while publishing.

Some More Details about Magazine Publishing:

Magazine printing needs a lot more attention to the paper quality, typography and other finishing details of the overall process. One thing for sure is that you must have a technical team that deals with issues like color, image resolution, text on print layouts, fonts etc. That enhances the readability of the publication. Depending on the readers, you should select the font type, size, and color. Print a sample layout and check the hard copy to make sure that the actual magazine is in line with the digital version.

Focus on the margins around the image and check the print layout. It is important as the readability gets hampered if you do not leave a margin around the images. Moreover, it looks tacky if there is no space around the images in the magazine publishing. Check the print layout to see if it looks good or not. Magazine printing experts suggest that margin less than 12.7mm means you will lose on the trimming space.

Once you are done with the layout, focus on the paper quality. Discuss this with the best magazine service providers in San Antonio and they will guide you further depending on your requirement. For high-end sales with magazine publishing, you may need paper quality with 110 to 160 GSM. The magazine covers need 180 to 250 GSM for a classy look and feel. Business cards need 350 GSM weight for the thickness.

After selecting the weight of the paper for magazine publishing, you need to select the finish of the paper. It could be anything between coated and uncoated finish, however, best is to choose coated paper. This is because it can then be divided into matte-coated and gloss coated. Magazine publishing will multiply if you choose glossy paper so, the latter is more effective to create a high-end looking publication. The colors are vibrant and classy on this kind of paper finish.

The process of magazine publishing is to start with the printing method. Offset printing is best for higher volumes of work while digital printing can suffice the need of printing smaller volumes. That’s it! This will set you up for printing a high-quality magazine with high stakes on readability and visual appeal.

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