Magazine Printers – 4 Tips to Produce Great Quality Magazine

Magazine Printers

The quality of a magazine is always judged by its cover and print quality. Well, admit it! The first thing we often check out while looking for a magazine is the cover page and the design quality. So, if you are all set to launch a magazine, then you must find a quality magazine printing service in San Antonio with state-of-the-art magazine printers. A well-designed magazine is the need of the hour for acquiring better readership and standout among the rest of the magazines.

Get the Best Out of Magazine Printing Service in San Antonio

However, before you zero down the best magazine printing service in San Antonio, here are few tips on magazine printing for you!

Choose a printing service that takes care of the design

Rather than finding a graphic designer and a printing service separately, try looking for a magazine printing firm that offers both. At Shweiki Media, we help our clients with the best creative for their magazines while also printing fine quality magazines using the latest commercial grade color magazine printers in the industry. All you need is to brief our art director on what you need and they will take care of the rest.

Pay attention to the fonts

Fonts are important for your content to breathe. Too small or too large fonts can go completely wrong. Also, the font style must relate to the overall theme or genre of the magazine. You must pick the right fonts based on the target demographics. Choose the modern yet simpler fonts if you target base is young or opt for the traditional fonts for a wider age group. Use plain English with a lot of white space so that the readers can read the articles easily. The font size must never be set below 10 or 11 points as you don’t want to lose out on any subscribers with special vision needs.

Pictures speak larger than words

If the content is the soul of a magazine, the graphics is the heart. A photograph on each article, whether it is relevant to the topic or just an author image can do wonders for your magazine. Remember, people can easily relate to the content if they are visually connected with the article. An image is a perfect bridge to connect your readers with the content. However, to sustain the quality of the high-resolution images, you need a commercial grade color magazine printer available at Shweiki Media.

Choose the right paper

The quality of the paper makes the difference whether a reader shows interest in a magazine or not. Remember, a reader must hold the magazine in his/her hand while reading the magazine. The paper quality acts as a subconscious trigger for a reader and determines the richness of the magazine instantly. Hence, choose the right paper for your magazine. At Shweiki Media, we offer a wide range of papers for magazine printing and the brands can choose the best match for their audience and target niche.

Over to you!

Well, that’s it. Follow the aforementioned tips to get the best quality magazine from the best magazine printing service in San Antonio. With state-of-the-art magazine printers in our armory, Shweiki Media offers some amazing magazine printing deals in San Antonio.

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