Hassle-Free Printing in San Antonio – Choosing the Paper before you order Magazine Printing

Hassle-Free Printing

Magazine printing is still an ideal way to improve the brand presence and reach of your business in San Antonio. In this digital age, magazine printing may not seem a great idea, but it is as per our experience at Shweiki Media. Whether you are trying to generate a buzz around your business or plan to set up an organizational publication within your company, magazines are the best medium. You can always count on magazines to build a community around your brand by helping the readers or subscribers with useful insights about the industry as well as the products or services you offer.

However, magazine printing is not something that comes naturally. Before you start magazine printing, you must understand the standard terminology used by the best printing services in San Antonio. For hassle-free printing, you must communicate using the same terminology, so both the magazine printing firm and you remain on the same page all the time.

Choosing the right paper for Hassle-free Printing

A magazine is as good as how it feels in the hands. The paper quality is the crucial factor in magazine printing, and if you don’t choose the right paper for your magazine, then the chances are that people will find it mediocre and unprofessional.

So, if you want as many readers to pick your magazine off the newsstands, you need to invest in the right paper for your magazine. At Shweiki Media, we offer different types of papers based on the niche and magazine types. Depending on the content and niche of the magazine, you need to alter the paper type, so the subscriber gets the right feel while reading it.

While there are many aspects of choosing a paper for magazine printing, there are three main factors you need to consider as follows:

Paper Weight

Well, you might be laughing here as what substantial difference the weight of the will make! The weight of the paper used in magazine printing falls between 38 lb and 100 lb. If you choose the right paper weight, it can help you save a lot of money and labor as the weight piles with the number of pages in a single magazine and the multiple hundreds of copies combined resulting in higher transportation charges.

Hence, TIME magazine opts for the 38 lb paper which is the thinnest paper option available in magazine printing. However, it doesn’t mean that magazines with thicker paper aren’t quality magazines. At Shweiki Media, we will explain the benefits of using a thin or thick paper and help you decide the best for your magazine.

Paper Grade

Paper grade is the next factor to look out for a while choosing the right paper for your magazine printing. Paper grades come in the range between one and five where one means the whitest of the lot and the five depicts a faded paper with a yellow shade. Class five is also the cheapest of the lot, so you know which the best paper grade is. Grade three is the most widely used paper grade in magazine printing. You can choose the class that fits your budget and doesn’t compromise too much on the quality of the magazine.

Paper finish and type

Next up is the paper finish and type. For hassle-free printing, you must know all the critical factors of magazine printing and be ready with your desired paper stock. You can either choose from the dull, matte, or glossy finish for your magazine based on the niche and content. Matte is expensive, whereas glossy brings out the color accurately.

While addressing the stock and finish type of the paper for magazine printing, you should also mention the trim size of the paper. The dimensions of your magazine are always described as width x height.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s it. You have all the necessary information on choosing the right paper for magazine printing. You can quickly cut down the costs as well as improve the quality of the magazines by merely selecting the right paper for magazine printing.

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