Publication Printing: How to Choose Your Binding and Finish Coating?

Publication Printing

Publication printing is still going strong, and the main reason behind the success of publication printing in San Antonio is the quality of binding and finish coating. A good quality binding and finish quality make the publications seem more real and lively which you can never feel with digital products or publication. So, the next challenge is to pick the right binding and finish coating for your publication printing in San Antonio.

Binding and coating are the two main elements that define the print quality of the publication. If you choose the binding and coating wisely, you can hit the bull’s eye with your marketing campaigns by printing excellent quality magazine publications.

Page Binding for Publication Printing

In all publication printing process, the pages are printed on a printing machine and then attached using a binding method.

There are two general binding options for publication printing as follows:


The most widely used binding method by renowned magazines is the perfect-bound method. You can quickly recognize perfect-bound binding as such binding often display square edge exterior. If your magazine consists of a good number of pages, then perfect-bound is an excellent binding type for your publication printing. However, there is a minimum page requirement for this binding type, and you must consult with the magazine printing company in San Antonio to check if your magazine qualifies for such binding.

Saddle-bound aka saddle-stitched

A cheaper option for magazine binding is the saddle-bound option. Saddle-bound, also known as saddle-stitched binding, uses staples to bind the pages of the publication. The saddle-bound method is ideal for publications with fewer pages. While there is no minimum page requirement in a saddle-bound way, the process doesn’t apply for publications with higher page-count.

Other binding options

Besides the two popular binding options, you can also choose from case binding and spiral-bound. However, these binding options are not preferred in magazine printing. While the spiral-bound method is more popular in publications like reference guides or hands-on assignments, the case binding is more famous in printing hardbound books. The spiral-bound publications are usually bound via coil binding method, whereas the case binding method involves sewing the pages together.

Choosing the right Page Coatings for Publication Printing

Page coating is equally as important as the page binding. In the publication printing industry in San Antonio, you can choose from three main types of page coating as follows:

  • Matte UV
  • Varnish
  • Gloss UV

As the name suggests, Gloss UV is shinier and excellent for colors. On the other hand, Matte UV looks highly professional and textured. A bit toned down version of Gloss UV is known as varnish.

Over to you!

The quality of your publication printing is as good as the printing firm. In San Antonio, you can find a good number of publications printing services. Hence, finding the best San Antonio printing service can be challenging. Well, Shweiki Media makes the job easy for you.

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