How Can Catalog Printing Help You Boost Your Sales and Brand Value?

Catalog Printing

Catalog printing is seen taking a slump in recent times as brands are ignoring the print media and moving their efforts to boost online sales. In the last decade, many brands are favoring online platform over offline shopping experience to generate sales. However, it is also true that the print catalog has more power to attract the customers than any online platform.

Catalog printing in San Antonio is still a decent marketing strategy to attract customers and showcase your products effectively. At Shweiki Media, we know many brands in San Antonio using the print catalogs to promote their products and successfully generate sales every single day.

How Are Catalog Printing Still an Effective Target Marketing Strategy?

Despite the rise of online shoppers globally, the businesses in San Antonio are still investing a good amount in print catalogs as a part of their targeted marketing campaigns. According to a survey conducted by Kurt Salmon, a global management consulting firm, more than 86% of women aged between 18 and 30 purchased a product after seeing it in a print catalog.

Furthermore, 64% of these women bought the product from the store, whereas 32% bought it online. It implies that whether your target audience is buying online or offline, catalog printing can boost your sales exponentially.

Even in this digital age, print catalogs are considered the first step in the buying process of a potential customer. Hence, retailers everywhere print brochures for their product inventory. Most of these catalogs are sent to customers with previous purchases. Such a marketing gimmick works well to retain more sales effectively.

How does Catalog Printing Work as an effective Branding Strategy?

Believe it or not, catalog printing is an effective branding strategy in current times. Positive branding helps you retain your customers on a regular basis as they prefer coming back to you often. Product catalogs are the best print materials to display product information and raise awareness of the product as well as the brand associated with it.

Hence, whether your potential customer is circling a store or surfing online, they will instantly recognize your brand while gazing through different products. Most of the times, a customer prefers a recognizable brand rather than picking any product from the shop’s counter or category online.

Where to Print Catalogs in San Antonio?

Finding printing services in San Antonio for catalog printing can be a challenging task. However, you can always rely on Shweiki Media as we understand the importance of catalog printing in San Antonio and the power of print catalogs in generating sales.

Just visit Shweiki Media today, and our experts will guide you through the process and help you make the best use of our catalog printing services in San Antonio.

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