Power of Print | Episode 4

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Taco 'bout Print
Taco 'bout Print
Power of Print | Episode 4

In this digital world the exceptional value of print can sometimes be overlooked.  We wanted to showcase some studies and research that show the incredible power of print and how it can really help you boost your revenue. Or as we say around here, Pump up your revenue.



Power of Print #1 is Direct Mail.

Print owns the mailbox which is the last unrestricted gateway to the consumer home or business. You check your mail everyday and In today’s digitally overloaded world, any message that cuts through the clutter will drive your customers to your business, to your website or to your products. And what does that mean? Pumped up revenue.

Consider that the average consumer receives upwards of 100 personal emails in any given week, yet only 16 pieces of physical mail in that same span. Print doesn’t go to a spam folder. And who doesn’t like to get mail!

Direct mail returns get a 3 or 4% response rate or more, especially if you do a good job with your offer or telling your story. This compares to .1% or .2% returns with email and social media marketing campaigns.  People buy from companies they know, like and trust. A printed piece you get in the mail gives your brand instant credibility.


Power of Print #2 Print is Trustworthy.

In this age of widespread digital deception, Reader trust is valuable especially with the growing issue of #FakeNews.  When readers see something online, they question its source and authenticity. When it comes to print, this does not happen. Studies show there’s a much higher level of credibility with print.

This trust comes from a source of reliability and knowing where the content comes from. Professional editors’ and writers’ names — and even images — are listed in magazines and newspapers.  There’s an added layer of credibility and durability with print.



Power of Print #3 Staying Power.

An ad printed in a magazine will stay alive for as long as the reader possesses the publication.

Want to talk about staying power. Here’s an example.  The Dead Sea Scrolls that they found in the caves in Israel, are ink on paper and are over 2,000 years old.  No matter how good your email marketing campaign is I don’t think it’s going to be around in 2,000 years.

Print stays around a long time. What does that mean? Pumped up Revenue!



Power of Print #4 Increased Attention.

Reading physical books and magazines help to focus attention. Which makes sense because when you read a print publication, you’re not easily distracted like you are when you’re reading an article online.

If you’re reading a book or magazine your attention is on that publication. You can get absorbed in it. That’s why print advertising is so valuable.

The typical visitor to a web site sticks around for less than five minutes. By contrast, print readers usually spend 20 minutes or more with their publication in hand.  They read more stories, engage with more content and spend more time with ads.  More time, more attention with your brand. What does that mean?  Pumped Up Revenue



Power of Print #5 Increased Retention

With Print you’re able to pay more attention and stay focused. This drains fewer of our cognitive resources, which makes retention easier.

There’s a stickiness factor, your cognitive load is lower so your full brain power can be on the book or magazine you are reading. You don’t have the paradox of choice. There aren’t a bunch of ads flashing on screen or notification alerts. There’s no dilemma with what to look at. Our sole focus is on the material in hand, which makes it easier to retain.

When we are holding that printed piece, all of our senses are being used.— seeing the words, feeling the weight of the pages, and even smelling the ink on the paper. This tactile experience helps with retention and learning so when your customer sees your ad or marketing in print  they are more likely to remember you and your brand.  Which means… Pumped up Revenue!


Power of print #6 Print encourages learning.

Research shows that books and printed reading material in a classroom not only supports development of literacy skills, it also inspires a lifelong love of reading.

When you start off reading at an early age it can continue for a lifetime. Print fosters that habit.  All of us who have kids know the challenge of limiting our kids use of electronics.  Electronics drain so much of their time and brain capacity. On the other hand there’s no need for an app that limits the time our kids spend with books and magazines.  We know that print feeds their brain rather than drains their brain.  Books and magazines enhance our lives and what does that mean… Pumped up Brains!



Power of print #7. Print is healthier

Researchers found that the use of digital devices before bedtime is not very healthy. It disrupts the circadian clock, the body’s internal clock, that regulates the sleep–wake cycle. Using electronics before bed makes it harder to fall asleep which reduces alertness the following morning.

Over time, a chronic lack of proper sleep can lead to serious health issues like: cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes, and even cancer. We know sometimes you have to stay up late and work or study, but why not take a textbook or printed document with you to bed instead of a screen.

It just makes sense that it’s healthier for us as human beings to sit down with something that doesn’t move, ping, vibrate or call on our attention constantly. Reading in print is kind of like meditation. It’s a whole different kind of peaceful immersive experience.



Power of Print #8 Print is Sustainable.

Paper is one of the most sustainable products on the planet with the highest recycling rates of any material in the world. The sustainable forests that provide the trees for the paper clean the air and provide habitat for all sorts of animals.

For every tree that they cut down in these sustainable forests  7-8 new trees are planted. We have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago and the paper industry has a lot to do with that.



Power of Print #9 Millenials Love Print and believe it has long term value.

That’s the audience you want to be in front because millennials spend around $600 billion each year in the U.S.

It’s definitely one of the most desirable target markets. Appealing to them with print means Pumped up Revenue.



Power of Print #10 Print Drives Sales

We talked about how print cuts through the clutter, it increases attention and retention, encourages learning and it’s sustainable. All of these come together to help drive sales and increase business.

Print is a powerful media and it enhances the impact of marketing by providing an extra dimension that’s warm, inviting, and highly personalized. Print drives consumers to make purchases both online or brick and mortar and pump up your revenue.

The original technology(print) is still innovative with technologies like personalized data, PURLS, QR codes, augmented reality, and intelligent print imaging bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds.

Let’s also not forget that magazines excel as the original target audience marketing tool. When we grab our favorite fitness, business or food magazine, we look forward to seeing the ads—we know they’ll be relevant to us and what we’re passionate about.

Print ads encouraged us to develop a subconscious desire for the product featured in the ad. When we see ads in a magazine, it’s almost like seeing the item in real life. We feel a greater sense of attachment and trust because of its tangibility. That’s called the endowment effect. That’s some pretty powerful stuff!  All this means pumped up revenue!

Hope you enjoyed this post on the power of print.  We love print and we would love to help you with any of your print needs!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our hasslefree specialists to get a quote on your next project. Or get a quote here. Thanks!



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