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Avital Eidenbom, social media correspondent for Studio 5 Innovation, wants to help make your social media marketing organic. If one can picture their online marketing as a body, with different marketing “vitals” representing different key areas of execution, then Avital wants to rid one of the extra waste that compiles after doing things like paying for likes, generating false testimonies, etc. Cleaning up one’s online marketing (aka diet, to continue the healthy body comparison) preps one’s machine for success and establishes action for unparalleled efficiency.

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What Goes Into a Healthy Website?



Avital ranks having a blog on one’s page as the key aspect to creating a healthy site. With a blog, one has the benefits of improving their Google SEO while simultaneously establishing an area of product leadership. Also, regular blog posts give customers/clients the added benefit of directly tapping into one’s core values/insights as a business.


Other website attributes include:

  • A Contact Page
  • Mobile Friendly Components
  • Social Links
  • A Call to Action



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Activity and Content


“Quality over quantity is key, but there are various forms of activity you could be doing in order to increase your engagement.”


Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 3.23.19 PM


Avital equates three attributes of content generation to three daily meals. One should be looking either to educate, empower or entertain. Without a content plan of action, one is confusing their message and most likely boring their viewers. Some content aspects Avital recommends keeping in mind are relevance (posting content around topics relevant to one’s business), value (supplying an inherent benefit to visiting one’s page), a call to action (driving traffic back towards a main website), and attention-grabbing information (giving one’s users an extra reason to return).

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