Internet Marketing Tactics to Invest in for 2015

In a 2014 survey by Gartner, companies spent around 10.7 percent of their annual revenue on overall marketing activities, 3.1 percent of revenue went to Internet marketing. By 2015, Internet Marketing is expected to utilize 25% of overall marketing revenue. Here, Shweiki Media teams up with Alicia Lawrence of WebpageFX to present a must see webinar exploring the potential outlets for online marketing in the upcoming year.

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Before a company sets out to promote their services, they must first consider the following:

-What are the growth goals of the company in 2015?

-Is the company planning on expanding to new markets in the coming year?

-What tactics worked well this last year and what needs improvement?

-Are there any new initiatives or offline projects that could also utilize online services?

-Has a proper SWOT Analysis been performed to assess the internal and external conditions of the company?


Digital Marketing Tactics

1. With E-Commerce Sites,Utilize the Following:

-Banner Ads

-Coupon Sites

-Proactive Representative Management


2. With Content Sites, Utilize the Following:

-Social Media (Keep the focus on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)

-RSS Safety

-The display of Network PPC

-Email Marketing

3. With Business-to-Consumer Lead Generation, Utilize the Following:

-Long-form content with lead capturing

-Social Media Contests

-Google +

4. With Business-to-Business Lead Generation, Utilize the Following:

-Organic Search Keywords

-Content Marketing

-Focus groups

-Call-tracking software

5. With Local Business, Utilize the Following:

-Both online and offline tactics

-Google Map ads

-Local directories

-Proactive reputation management

-Educational media tactics


Expected Trends for SEO in 2015

Reactive Strategies: Companies will begin to pay close attention to old pages and links that could potentially spread content that was not considered spam at the time of its creation, but now is.

Negative SEO: While it is unethical, some companies will participate in negative SEO tactics, which makes the need for reactivity that much more important.

Increasing Importance of Mobile: Google is beginning to put a preference on sites and ads that are compatible with mobile devices.

Content Marketing Growth: Google encourages companies to ethically build up their site by ranking videos’ link building, and using other SEO tactics.

Retargeting: In order to keep the product top of mind to the consumer, companies often have to use re-targeting tactics such as using them in conjunction with content marketing or utilizing tracking cookies.

Cohesive Strategies: Companies that partake in cohesive strategies are able to develop greater ideas that will evolve into offline strategies.

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Alicia Lawrence

Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for WebpageFX. Her work has been published by the Association for Business Communication, Yahoo! Small Business, and Advanced Web Rankings.

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