Print is Sexy

how print effects the brain


Neuro-Insight is a market research company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications. They use this patented technology, to measure second by second changes in brain activity. This allows them to deliver unique insights into how a piece of design or advertising is affecting people at both a rational and an emotional level.  A recent scientific study conducted by Neuro-Insight measured eight key areas of brain functionality to determine which areas of the brain had heightened neurological activity, and to what degree. The result of this study showed that magazines stimulate us more than any other medium including television, internet, radio and outdoor.

Now that’s sexy.


Here are 10 more sexy things about print.


1. You can touch it, hold it, smell it…and even taste it.

2. Never needs a recharge, reboot or reset.

3. Adults 18-34 doing it more (reading magazines) than adults 35 and older.

4.  “Hot Off the Press” is a common phrase in our industry.

5. Not only is print 100% recyclable, but also its carbon footprint is smaller than the Internet’s. (Bet you didn’t know that.)

6. Trees are doing great because of print, for every one tree harvested for paper three are planted.

7. Average reader spends 43 minutes reading a magazine vs. 5 sec. reading e-mail. (Poor e-mail…how embarrassing.)

8. $100 bills are printed. (Money is sexy.)

9. No password needed… and the unprotected access is safe.

10. Try getting lucky with an e-card. (Let me know how that goes…)


What do you think is sexy about print?

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