Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons: A 5-Step Copywriting Success Formula (Steps 3 & 4)

The most valuable tool of the entrepreneur is the ability to appeal to the consumer through the power of copy to relate product and brand messages. Here, Shweiki teams up with author and seasoned copywriter, Debra Jason of The Write Direction, to present the third of four installments on successful copywriting. The webinar focuses on steps three and four of the five-step formula.

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Step 3: Create That “AHA!”  Moment

Jason explains that in order to elicit effective copy, a company must learn to create the “Aha” Moment by appealing to the consumer by using empathetic language to promote thoughts like:

-“Yes, this company gets me.”

-“Yes, they understand my fears, anxieties, and feelings.”

-“I want what they have.”


“Do you feel like you’re wasting hours trying to create content to promote your service and coming up blank? Are you burned out by trying to write everything on your own?”

Once a company identifies its “Aha” Moment, it can then move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Offer The Solution To Their Problem

People make purchases either to gain something they don’t currently possess, or to avoid losing something they currently have. Their decision is ultimately motivated by their money, health, or relationships. A company should assess in what ways they are able to assist consumers in order to align themselves with their needs. This could include things such as:

-Can the company help the consumer make money, save money or avoid losing it?

-Can it save time?

-Can it help the consumer enjoy great health or avoid being sick?


Problem: “Do you fell like you’re wasting hours trying to create content to promote your service and coming up blank?”

Solution: “Save yourself hours of frustration trying to struggle through writing it yourself. A fresh perspective—written by an experienced professional—can be the breakthrough that delivers the results you’ve been waiting for—prospects who click on that ‘Sign up’ or ‘Buy now’ button and turn into loyal, raving fans.”

The Pencil Test

Prospects will always want to know the answer to one pivotal question: “What’s in it for me?” A company must make sure to advertise the benefits of purchasing their product or service. An easy way to assess the benefits of a product is to perform The Pencil Test:

  1. Look at a pencil.
  2. Make a list of all its features.
  3. Convert those features into benefits (i.e. Feature=eraser Benefit=can get rid of mistakes and allow one to start over.)
  4. Let your imagination run wild–there are more benefits to a pencil than meets the eye!

The webinar featuring step one, which is about determining the problem and tapping into people’s pains and struggles to show empathy and encourage them to realize they need assistance, can be found here. The webinar featuring step two, which is about gaining clarity through the construction of a 30-second statement that clearly outlines a company’s intentions, can be seen here.

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Debra Jason

A recipient of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association's (RMDMA) "Creative Person of the Year Award," Debra Jason started The Write Direction in 1989. Past President of the RMDMA, she is a seasoned direct response copywriter with more than 25 years of experience in the field of direct marketing. Since then she has personally written thousands upon thousands of words for hundreds of clients around the country (and some overseas).

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