Growing Digital Readership and Revenue

As print bleeds into the digital realm, publishers are faced with medium advantages that previously advertisers could only dream about. Whereas historically magazine niche’s

Selling Social Media

Marketing through social media is a task business owners know all too well. Those who strategize around their social pages work their brand as


Keyword Research

These days, running a business without an online presence is the equivalent of delivering pizzas using a horse and buggy. Sure, technically it’s possible,


Debating Digital

As social media perseveres toward evolving our culture, the breach between new and traditional media—print versus social media, for example—continues to be brought to


1984: The year the first publication, The Student Guide to Austin, was started by Gal Shweiki at the University of Texas $1.200: The amount of money used to

To App or Not to App

As long as mobile marketing continues to rise, applications will persist to increase in popularity. Small business consultant Ryan Dohrn (founder of Brain Swell Media and 360

30 Minute Twitter Training

  Kevin Knebl: author, speaker, and small business trainer, teaches Shweiki media in his weekly Shweiki webinar, how small businesses formally unfamiliar to Twitter,

Sales Ideas to Drive Revenue

When it comes to increasing revenue, few factors are as important as improving the functionality of one’s sales team. From tightening work efficiency to