SHWEIKINUMBERS1984: The year the first publication, The Student Guide to Austin, was started by Gal Shweiki at the University of Texas

$1.200: The amount of money used to start the first issue of Study Breaks magazine

$14,000: The annual sales of Study Breaks in its first year

1996: The year David Reimherr, Shweiki’s VP of Sales, started working for Study Breaks magazine

1999: The year the first press was purchased to start Shweiki Media

$60,000: The cost of the first press in 1999

$6,000,000: The cost of the  New Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX-S+ Web Press, purchased in 2011

20: The number of 18-wheelers required to deliver the new Mitsubishi Web Press

6: The amount of months  it took to assemble and start up the new press

400,000: The number of 8 1/2 X 11 sheets the Mitsubishi web press is capable of printing in one hour

7:  The number of monthly magazines that Shweiki Media’s sister company, Study Breaks College Media, publishes (and the reason we know what publishers want)

400: The number of magazine titles printed by Shweiki Media

12,000: The average run length of the publications we print

1,000,000: The amount of paper, in pounds, used every month

160,000: The amount of paper, in pounds, recycled every month

62: The number of  full-time employees

8: The number of Shweiki’s core values–including humor:  We take printing seriously…not ourselves


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