Getting A Healthy Facebook Heart

Getting A Healthy Facebook Heart
Getting A Healthy Facebook Heart

Shweiki teams up with organic social media expert, Avital Eidenbom of Studio 5 Innovation, to present a must-watch webinar on how to improve social media content and increase audience engagement by using Facebook insights and graph search to create content specific to fans’ interests.

Social Media Posting Problems

Many marketers have a fundamental problem with how they are connecting with fans through social media, and that is that they are using social media as a giant megaphone and just shouting their message, which often leads to fans tuning them out or ignoring them completely. Then, when the business does have something of value to say, it’s too late and no one is listening. What businesses should be doing is focusing on social platforms to build relationships, which increase both trust and brand awareness. If one wants their customers to engage with them, they need to know how to engage in a conversational form.

Businesses often fall in a trap of engaging in too much self-promotion or talking too much about their product or services. Instead, they should be focused on profiling who’s actually engaging with their content and creating content for that specific person or niche—people who will most likely comment or share that content.

The problem with many marketers is that they’re trying to take old marketing strategies and apply them to a new model. Before social media, businesses had a list of their products and services. They would then target their market through a series of advertising and promotions. This would bring in customers, who would eventually purchase a product. Social media however, has completely flipped this funnel upside down.

Instead of thinking about products and services, businesses need to be thinking about the specific profiles of their target market and the problems and challenges facing that market.

After profiling an engaged market, businesses can then create posts that connect specifically with their chosen market and begin to establish a mutual relationship with their fans. Businesses can further develop this relationship by offering solutions that their product or service provides. By staying on the minds of their fans, a business naturally becomes the first choice when actual purchase decisions are made (even if a competitor has a better offer).


Using Facebook Insights


When first looking at the “people” category within one’s Facebook insights, one will see the demographic makeup of the fans that have liked one’s page. And while this is good information to have, one should really be interested in who is engaging with the page. Therefore, one should focus primarily on the “people engaged” tab. Once one understands which demographic is engaging most with their brand, they can promote content specific to that demographic, strengthening the brand itself.


Clicking on “posts” within Facebook insights will give one a record of their post activity. The highest points of the graph mark the highest number of fans online at one time. So when doing research, one should make a note of the days of the week and the times of the day when the most fans are online. Posting during peak times increases engagement by expanding one’s reach.


Using Facebook Graph Search

After determining who to target and when to post, the final step in engagement domination is finding out what content to share with fans. This is where graph search becomes such a valuable tool.

By running a Facebook graph search of other pages liked by one’s fans, marketers can discover what, exactly, their fans engage with. Sharing content that fans enjoy promotes content relevance and helps establish a social media niche.

Business owners can also take it a step further by conducting a Facebook graph search of their competitors. After graph searching one’s competitors and discovering pages and content liked by their fans, marketers can create relevant content that can help drive traffic to one’s own page and away from that of the competition.


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Avital Eidenbom

Avital created a unique approach in understanding the make up of one's Social Media Presence based on striking parallel's she found in the diet and exercise world vs. the world of Social Media. In her webinar, she breaks down her innovative formula behind Organic Social Media and how businesses can use it's basic form to begin to understand the significant aspects of their Social Media Presence in order to make positive changes in developing a "Healthy and Active" Social Media Lifestyle.
By looking at our Social Media Presence as a "Body" we can begin to understand the "complexities" of our organs and how they depend on working together in order to function properly . Just like our bodies need to be healthy while engaging in healthy activity and consuming quality content, so too do our "Social Media Bodies."
In her webinar she cleverly identifies these healthy organs, how they depend on each other for survival, the "three meals a day" every business needs to survive, and how to avoid falling for fads and gimmicks for the sake of likes and followers.
It's the world of Social Media Like You've never heard before. And in a language YOU can understand.

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