How To Drive Measurable Results For Advertisers Through Promotions

In 2008, online promotion exploded onto the map, pulling in over $12 billion in revenue. Currently, numbers are reaching $40 billion in 2014 and are expected to soar to $80 billion in 2017, meaning that many companies are utilizing this effective method, and, in many cases, are partnering with media companies and agencies to do it. Here, Shweiki teams up with Matt Coen and Julie Foley of Second Street Promotions Lab to present a webinar on four case studies in which advertisers have worked with their partners to create results through a number of different promotion methods.

Because clients have meetings with multiple agencies when deciding whom to advertise with, a helpful tip is to approach the client not only with a goal, but an understanding of their needs. This takes place in the needs analysis conversation (which goes hand-in-hand with conducting a needs assessment), during which questions like“What are your goals?” and “How will you measure success?” are asked and answered. Ultimately, advertisers want to do one or more of the following:

-Generate leads

-Drive Foot Traffic

-Grow Social Engagement

-Grow Email Database

-Collect Data

A follow-up meeting is essential to the process to show the advertiser that the company is an asset. It will provide the opportunity to share results, continue the discussion of needs, and ask the advertiser what is next.


Case Studies

Mario’s Big Pizza

With the goals to grow their social engagement and email database, Mario’s Pizza in North Carolina worked with an agency to create the “BIG Pizza Giveaway Contest,” which offered $50 to use at any Mario’s Pizza in the Triad, with number of entries based on number of shares on Facebook.

Results: By using both print and digital mediums, Mario’s received 811 new Facebook likes and had over 750 people opt-in to email promotion deals, in addition to the 40,000 that already received them.

The Secret Sauce:

-Having the needs analysis conversation to discover the advertiser’s challenges

-Offering a relevant prize for the advertiser’s target audience

– Using heavy promotion to drive people to the advertiser’s Facebook page

Keyline Cove Waterpark

The waterpark located in Illinois began with the goal to drive more foot traffic to their park. Shaw Media worked to up e-commerce by creating full-page print ads that appeared online, in emails, and throughout social media.

Results: The full-page ads increased weekday attendance enough to offset the slumps seen during the offseason as well as increase the knowledge of the park beyond the suburban region of its location which ultimately drove social engagement and generated revenue for the park.

The Secret Sauce:

-Creating a robust promotional package

-Creating a relationship with a local advertiser

-Utilizing a more valuable local media audience

Haydel’s Bakery

The king cake creators set out to grow their email database, social media, and data collection in order to let consumers know that king cakes aren’t just for Mardi Gras.

The Intercom Radio Group in New Orleans promoted a “King Cakes For A Year!” contest through radio and display ads. An outstanding aspect of this promotion was a survey that was included in the entry process, which assessed the consumers’ knowledge of Haydel’s services, allowing for further targeting at the end of the contest.

Results: Around 2,200 opted to be added to the email database–accounting for nearly a 100% increase. Haydel’s also gained 1,284 “likes” on Facebook. Fifty-six percent of participants added entered through mobile devices, which allowed Haydel’s to target messages after receiving survey results.

Secret Sauce:

-Gaining valuable insights for the advertiser and lead generation

-Growing the mobile database, Facebook, and email database

-Having proof through results

Hearing Aid Retailer

A television station out of Paducah, Kentucky wanted to generate leads, grow their email database, and grow social engagement for a local hearing aid retailer. Through the “Hear Clearly Giveaway” they advertised hearing aids that were compatible with an iPhone, targeting a very specific segment of the market. The ads ran on the Audiology and Hearing Center’s Facebook page and consisted of a qualifying question: “Do you or someone you know use or need to use this product?”

Results: There were 164 entries, and those individuals were invited to a lunch-and-learn event. Contact info was able to be collected from 60% of those interested, and the page received 2oo new “likes” from a very targeted audience. Eight contest participants were booked to come in and get fitted for a hearing aid, which has the potential to bring in up to $4,000 in revenue per person.

Secret Sauce:

-Using targeted promotion for a niche audience

-Utilizing survey questions to qualify participants

-Holding a follow-up meeting with client to discuss next steps


Things to Remember

When running a promotion, one should remember to do the following:

-Pick the right promotion

-Align the advertiser’s goals with the right promotion

-Ensure that they are in the position to share the results with the advertiser.


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