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When selling email, it’s important to realize that one’s success, in terms of revenue, is dependent on the number of email addresses one has. However, often times advertisers often don’t realize how valuable email addresses are and feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege to reach out to these email addresses. However, a database of email addresses is a precious asset—one just needs to know how to sell email effectively. Here Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Ryan Dohrn, founder of Brain Swell Media and 360 Ad Sales, to present a free webinar on selling email.



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“If email didn’t work then spammers would be out of business.”


How to Differentiate One’s Business From Competitors

When it comes to email, the first step is learning how many email addresses one has compared to their competitors. If one has more, it’s important to sell that, promote the fact, and know the facts to prove it.

One way to do this is through a one sheet that shows advertisers a clear representation of one’s email strengths. If one has less email addresses than their competitors, they still have strengths to promote. There’s a good chance that the demographic reader of the print magazine, the e-newsletter and the website are going to be the same, but that doesn’t mean they are the same person. What it does mean is that one has an expanded audience.

One thing that one should consider is that on a sales level, the process of selling print and selling an e-newsletter are very similar, and any salesperson who is seasoned in selling print advertising can pitch virtually the same benefits to the potential email advertiser, except with an expanded or streamlined twist.


Point of Purchase

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“Email brings a user very close to a point of purchase.”


The greatest advantage an email database service can bring to advertisers is the ability to set the user up one step away from a point of purchase. Many businesses today are striving to promote a message online through one forum, only to lead the viewer back to one’s website (where revenue is gained). Email is one of the few platforms still available where (after one has opened the message) the promotional message is purely focused (without any other noise competing for attention), resulting in a higher CTR.


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E-Newsletter Statistics

  • 56% of recipients of permission-based email said they were more likely to make purchases from the sender
  • 52% said they had a more favorable opinion of the company that sent them email because of the communications they receive
  • 48% of respondents reported feeling more loyal toward the products as a result of receiving permission-based emails
  • 63% of those who receive permission-based email from retail companies said they want to receive personalized content based on their website activity and past purchases
  • 88% reported downloading or printing coupons
  • 79% clicked a link in an email to learn more about a particular service, product, or promotion
  • 75% of respondents reporting purchasing a product online as a result of permission-based email
  • 67% reported purchasing a product offline
  • 85% said they liked receiving email from companies they had registered with
  • More than one-half saved the messages for later review, with females even more likely to save their messages (60%) over males (49%)


The bottom line of email/eNewsletter promotion is that advertisers sell more product when their message is amplified. Email, while a dinosaur in internet terms, is still one of the most effective tools for receiving and sharing messages. (Remember Dohrn’s saying, if email didn’t work then spam would be out of business.)


Ryan Dohrn is an international revenue coach and internet consultant.  Since 1996 he has coached over 3,000 business owners.  He is the founder of and .  Contact him at:  888-812-9991 or
Ryan Dohrn is an international revenue coach and internet consultant. Since 1996 he has coached over 3,000 business owners. He is the founder of and . Contact him at: 888-812-9991 or [email protected]

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Ryan Dohrn

Ryan Dohrn, CEO of Brain Swell Media LLC

Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy award winning TV producer, has overseen over 3,000 Web site builds, is a nationally acclaimed speaker, has been featured in USA Today, on ABC, CBS and FOX TV stations, on and has personally impacted millions of dollars in online and related media revenues for media companies large and small.

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