Hiring Recent Grads: Strategies for Providing a Desired Workplace to Recruit the Best and Brightest College Graduates




As the end of the semester rapidly approaches and college graduation is on the horizon, many talented, qualified and enthusiastic grads are preparing to enter the workplace, and many companies will be competing to hire the crème de la crème of these new potential employees before they even cross the stage.

As the digital world becomes more and more important to businesses, hiring young people who are well versed on digital and social media platforms becomes more important than ever. And while some graduates will be eager to accept the first job they’re offered, many of the most desired grads are going to be examining potential workplaces for certain qualifications they deem important, and getting the attention and interest of the best and brightest graduates can turn into quite a competition between employee-seeking companies.

Here Shweiki  presents the qualities that many in-demand graduates will require a potential workplace to possess and strategies for how a company can adapt to appeal to highly skilled graduates and acquire quality workers that are sure to help their company grow and improve.


Higher Wages

In completely unsurprising fashion, when looking for a job, one of the primary things an employment-seeking graduate is going to be looking at is the salary. The most straight-forward way one can stand out from the competition in one’s industry and jump-start one’s employment program is by paying more than one’s competitors. If grads feel that they’re valued and their work is respected—which is most easily recognized by a decent wage—they’ll be more likely to provide quality work and come to the office motivated and with the desire perform as a team player (as opposed to showing up with the careless and negative attitude that can often accompany a poor salary or hourly rate).

And as word spreads that, as a business, one pays better than the competition, future grads will be eager to be employed there, and one’s pool of applicants will be bigger and stronger than ever.

Carreer-Boosting Responsibilities

Very few graduates will apply to a company and expect to stay there for the rest of their career. Most first jobs are seen as stepping stones on one’s career path and a place for one to develop experience and boost their resume. That said, the opportunity for employees to gain skills, information, knowledge and experience is one thing that employers can provide that grads are sure to appreciate just as much as a high salary.

One way to provide an excellent employment experience that will have recent grads knocking down one’s door is to allocate back-office responsibilities to new hires. By allowing new employees the opportunity to run social media platforms, perform some managerial duties and attend conventions and conferences, businesses can market themselves as experience providers. And, by proxy, potential employees will be eager to enter an office environment and job that will help them with their development and, ultimately, future.

A Fun Work Environment

Though they’re leaving college life and entering the “real world,” there is still one thing that grads are seeking out: fun. And if one has the ability to integrate this all-important three-letter word into their office environment, their appeal to potential employees will grow significantly.

While obviously work is more important than play in an office environment, there are easy ways to implement some fun into one’s office and capture the interest of job-seeking grads, no matter one’s industry. Now this doesn’t mean installing a keg or full bar in the office and hanging Nerf basketball hoops above every doorway. Simple rewards and incentives like office parties, monthly team-building outings, happy hours and even competitions have the ability to boost office morale and establish a positive foundation for success. And—along with the fact that happy employees tend to perform better—an exciting office environment has the ability to draw in the most high-value potential employees as well, turning one into an in-demand place to work.

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